A Cross in Your Life

Each of us knows that we are ministers of the good news of Jesus Christ. Sometimes, however, we struggle to understand specifically what it is that we are being called to do. Every now and then I get a clear impression of an issue that He wants me to convey to other believers. The topics always come in a dream, and often have powerful analogies included.

Several weeks ago, the Lord put one of those issues on my heart that I feel I need to share. I had been mulling it over but when He spoke to me again by having our assistant pastor present the same topic during bible class, He made the need clear and urgent. The issue is with relationships.

First, the Lord has impressed on me that He doesn’t want to be studied like some laboratory rat, He wants to be KNOWN personally and have an intimate relationship with us. If you’re a parent, your children certainly don’t read and study about you, but instead want to personally tell you everything they’ve done that day and everything they’re going to do tomorrow. They want to share their experiences, their concerns, their wants, and their lives with you. They want to sit in your lap and love you and have you love them back. If they’re very young, they will stand in front of you and raise their hands above their heads so you’ll pick them up. How can we be so blind? How can we fail to see God’s need for us to act that way with Him?

Second, and just as important, is that He also expects us to go outside of ourselves and interact with our fellow man on His behalf. We are to share with others what He has given to us. What parent wants or expects their children to have a relationship with them, and only them? The reality is that, as parents, we constantly encourage our children to go out into the world, to make friends, to share the things that we have given them with others, and to have a bountiful life. While they’re out there, we constantly watch over them and protect them from any danger, but attempt to do so without visibly interfering.

When we are born again, we become one of His children. We should behave in the same manner that our children do with us, with our own Father in heaven. If we listen to His voice, we will hear Him say “go outside, make friends, and share what I have given you.”

Our lives should resemble the symbol of our salvation. Just like the cross, there is a vertical relationship with God the Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Then there’s the horizontal relationship with our fellow men, women, and children who need to be blessed by us. We can’t lock ourselves in a study with our notebook and bible and continue to cultivate only a stale knowledge based relationship. Sit in the Lord’s lap, love on Him, talk to Him about what you did today, what you’re going to do tomorrow, and how much you love Him. Then go outside, make friends, share the things that He has given you, and in the process, you will GROW! I guarantee that when you finally meet Him face to face, He will KNOW you.