A Cry to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Lord, I am exceedingly troubled right now. I am really really troubled. I am very troubled. Please Lord, You must listen to me. There is rebellion on every side. A conspiracy exists to overthrow You and say You do not exist, and that You do not see, and that You will never judge. Lord, You are coming to judge! You will judge all those on the face of the earth. You are coming quickly, and Your reward will be towards those who have served you with their heart, their mind, and their soul, with full conviction, not wavering to the left or the right.

But sinners abound in the land. They say you do not exist! The say you are a figment of the imagination. They lie, they cheat, they steal. They profane your name, daily, and deny you at every turn. They profane you and adulterate your word, they say it is but the ramblings of men and a mere attempt at piecing together some history – some factual, some not so factual. Lies! The liars in the land have exalted themselves, and declare themselves to be teachers of morality, and of eternal things. They profane you left, right, and center. There is no sense in them. In the end, you will judge them, for they believed not the truth, and delighted in profaning you daily before the masses. The whole lot of them has gone astray, and are wayward. There is a waywardness in the land, land polluted by unbelief, and Satan. The deceiver has deceived them, and they have embraced his lies hook, line, and sinker. There is no sense in their logic, they have been deceived with a deception that leads straight to the gates of the rejected.

The land is polluted with a filth that is beyond the imagination. For instruction, they teach lies. For enlightenment, they teach the rejection of you and the embracing of things that are profane and rejected. They are confounded, and confused. They are full of evil. Their hearts dream evil. They have gone astray and it seems there are none to bring them back again, to the righteous place. The truth is not found in them. They are lofty in their thoughts, they are high and exalted in their own minds. They have imagined themselves wise in their own thinking, teachers of things that cannot be refuted. But you laugh at them, for their teachings are but the teachings of men, and have no firm rooting in the truth or in righteousness. Their teachings are an attempt to subvert the truth of your word; you deem them unrighteous and rejected!

A call has gone out, “Come, and repent, and find favor with the Lord, who will grant you mercy, if you will only call upon His great and holy name.” But they reject You, and want none of that. You have shown mercy time and time again, and continue to have patience. But a day is coming, and is quickly at hand, when you will slay the wicked in your presence, and do away with unrighteouness altogether. It will not be long! For whether a day or a thousand years, it is all short in Your sight, but eternity is long indeed! For those who reject you, there will be hell and fiery brimstone to pay, and never ending punsihment, laid upon the backs of the wicked. For though they were given time to repent, they believed not the truth and instead subverted it, making others twice as much the children of hell as they already were. But you are not mocked. A day will come when you will recompense the wicked with their own deeds. Their own deeds, and their own teachings, will follow them – to the grave where their “wisdom” and “knowledge” shall remain.

Fear God! Fear the Lord Almighty! For He is coming and will bring His saints with him! He shall return, and quickly! Do away with evil and perverseness. Shun evil and embrace good. Fulfill your righteous calling before the Lord, who shall judge the living and the dead. Jesus Christ, the Son of God who was crucified and on the third day rose from the dead shall return and establish His kingdom on this earth. His reward is with Him, for all those who have served Him with a righteous and noble heart. But the wicked He shall slay. Fear God and serve Him.