A Divine Appointment

As I paid the money to the lady, I felt like the Lord was saying to me, share with her Jesus.” I put it aside, and made my way out the main exit at the store.

Then, I began to walk back to my workplace. After all, it was only the early afternoon. I got back to the front of the building where I worked, and, as I walked, I could feel myself becoming more and more grieved on the inside. Something in me wasn’t happy. I believe it was the Holy Spirit. The closer I walked to my workplace, the more grieved and unpleasant inside I began to feel! It seemed to be directly related to how far I walked away from that store where I had just been!

All I could think about was that lady. I had felt I needed to share with her, but I had “put away” that still small voice that had spoken to me and that had said, “share Jesus with her.” But the Lord doesn’t make mistakes. If He said to share with her, then the timing must have been right. There is a time for everything — yes, even time for taking off a few moments of work in order to tell someone about Jesus.

Finally, in obedience (though somewhat delayed, I admit), I went back to the store, where I had been. It would mean taking more time off work. How would my boss feel? These are the questions that sometimes arise when the Lord has “truly given a word” to follow. Who puts these questions in our minds? I think I know. I think the boss wasn’t too concerned that day. I could make up the time later.

How would I share with her? And would she really be interested? More questions from the tempter of our souls. Again, the Lord does not make mistakes. This was her time. Plus, the fact was, I didn’t dare walk back to work before fulfilling this burden. After all, the more I walked to work, the more grieved and unpleasant I was feeling inside. That, I think, was a clear indication that God, in His love, and in His wisdom, was not going to let me “get off the hook” that easily — not this time anyway.

I got back to the store, and gently said to the lady, “You know, I write a publication, which is designed to bring hope to people who are hurting. I thought it might be a good way to “open up a door” of conversation with her. Then I added, “I am a Christian.”

She interjected, with an obvious sign of interest. “Do you know the Jehovah’s Witnesses?” she said.

I responded, “Yes, I do.” And then, somehow — lest she confuse me as belonging to the Jehovah’s Witnesses cult, I simply added, “I don’t believe in them.”

But she responded by saying, “I do. They come to visit me.”

She was trying to make a point. At least they “did something about their faith,” was her point. They were into action. That kind of caught me off-guard, but it was a fair enough statement. I needed to hear what she had to say. I needed to respond. I needed to give this lady “some of my time.” After all, it was indeed “her time” to be listened to, and also to share with. Jesus had said it. There was no doubt about it now. Yes, it was the Lord who sent me back to speak with her.

Had the Lord made a mistake in “indicating” to me that day that He wanted me to go back to the store and share with her? No, I don’t think so. We then proceeded to have an interesting, and, I believe, important discussion about the deity of Jesus Christ (the fact that He is God). You know, that is sometimes the way it is with these cults. There is one “direct topic of concern.” Sometimes, I steer away from them completely, seeing them as some type of “diversion” or “smoke screen” to the real issue. But today, no. I wouldn’t shy away. Our whole “rendezvous” had been orchestrated by the Lord. I was happy about it. I felt peace.

I believe it must have been an important conversation for the Lord to have “led me back there,” through that “lack of inner peace” as I continued to walk towards my work that day — where it wasn’t time “just quite yet” to be. Thank God for His leading!