A Man and A Woman Named …

There once was a man named Ted,
Who couldn’t seem to get out of his bed,
In the morning he’d lie around sleeping,
When the Lord himself was weeping,
For the souls and the hearts and the minds of those that
He’d created.

There was also a boy named Jerry,
Who’d all day long make merry,
He’d drink more than he was able,
And no longer feel very stable,
Until one day, that poor boy they did bury.

There was again a woman named Laura,
Of the Bible she said, “This stuff’s bora'”
No church did she attend,
Towards the world she was bent,
And off she went to buy frivolous stuff at the stora.

There was also a woman named Julienne,
Who unfortunately was caught up with a number of men,
To these men she had not been wed,
Through seduction she had been led,
To make wrong choices .. not on one occasion, but on ten.

But, alas, there was also a woman named Hilda,
Who’d do whatever the Lord had said she’d ought’ta,
When it was as yet four thirty in the morning,
She’d consider it not boring,
To meet, talk, and pray with the One and Only who’d bought

There was also a girl named Sue,
To her Lord she always remained true,
No need to have to remind her,
Or like Zedekiah to have to blind her,
For she honored, loved, and served, her One and Only Master.

Again, there was a man named Claude,
Who always did what he was told (by the Lord, that is),
When asked to compromise his faith,
Reasoned well, saying, “Now would not that be a waste?”
And as a result became evermore so bold.

There was also a boy named Kan,
Who confessed, “I’m doing all I can,
The Lord is my Master,
If I could, I’d go faster,”
And, indeed, he did for he did not walk but he ran!

Now the end of the poem has come,
But not all has been said and done,
For if you asked yourself with whom you did stand,
Would it be Ted, Jerry, Laura, and Julienne,
Or Hilda, Sue, Claude, and Kan?