A Meeting with Victor

I met Victor Kalinggo in a Nortel class I took last October.

Not sure “how we connected”, but somewhere, probably during group lab activities, we got to know each other. Before long, we discovered that we were both believers.

Victor is from Indonesia, working for Nortel here in Richardson, Texas.

One day, we had the opportunity to share with each other what was on our hearts. He shared of his involvement with other Indonesian believers in the States, including several conferences they regularly have together at a “common” location.

I saw fire in his eyes. I saw a vision. I saw someone with something MORE on his mind than working at Nortel. It stirred my faith. His fire stirred my heart… it stirred up the dreams and visions God has placed in my heart. I don’t think he knew how he impacted me… just by the Spirit of Jesus I saw.

His heart burns with a passion for his native Indonesian people, including his family, who don’t understand the faith he has in Jesus.

He had a deep longing… to be closer to his family, closer to Indonesia.

[On] Saturday, March 7, 1998, Victor [left] for Paris, for three weeks of training, in preparation for a NEW job he just got at Nortel… in Singapore… only 1/2-hour plane flight away from Indonesia.

VICTOR, may Jesus go with you as he carries you to this new opportunity… to complete the work he has begun in your life.

We are praying for you.