A Miraculous Deliverance At Camp Sydenham, Ontario

In the last week of July 1997, my husband and I and our four children attended a non-denominational Christian family camp. The biblical teachings were scheduled in the morning and early evening of each day. Pastor Stephen Cummings and his wife, Yvonne, from the Orangeville Christian Fellowship in Hillsburg (Orangeville) led the teachings for the week.

There were a large percentage of children and youth at this yeaes camp, nearly 50% (more than ever)! Because of the increased number of teens, Youth Ministry was divided into two groups: Junior Youth and Senior Youth. The teens that comprised the Senior group were a diverse lot that came from various backgrounds and different spiritual levels. A few of them were already “walking closely with the Lord”, others had arrived in a “backslidden” state, and one lad, Ben, was a non-Christian who was heavily into “witchcraft”. Ben had come with a Christian friend and was open to seeing what it was all about. This story is about Ben and about how God’s sovereign power breaking into one person’s life can affect many people’s lives.

All day, Thursday, Ben had felt a dark presence about him. He could sense evil oppressing him and it caused him to withdraw socially. When evening came and the 7:00 service began, Ben had to leave the Tabernacle because he could not stand to be in there. He and his friend left and walked down the road towards the “teen’s smoking area”.

As he was walking, something told him to “look up”. As Ben looked up towards the heavens he saw a beautiful angel of brilliant light. The angel came down towards him. Ben felt his presence. He immediately was thrown back with great force! Ben remained in shock – his eyes were wide open but he was not communicating. His friend and the other youth began praying for him. The angel began interceding and became the “mediator’ between Ben and the evil spirits within him. The angel was telling the demons to go to the place that Jesus had assigned for them. Deliverance was taking place as Ben thrashed around on the ground, grunting and moaning. The youth, in the meantime, were interceding and coming against evil spirits and trying to cast them out.

The youth became concerned at Ben’s state and ran to fetch some of the Camp Leaders. The Leaders took over the prayers of deliverance over Ben. One of the young girls was interceding for Ben, crying and wailing, while this event was taking place down the road. He was delivered of 3 demons that night!

Ben had been wearing medallions around his neck that he had put demonic powers into. The angel told him how the medallions needed to be destroyed – he must smash them and then burn them. The Camp Leaders came back to camp to get the tools they needed to complete the task. They smashed and then burnt the medallions. Ben renounced all his evil connections with witchcraft. He accepted Jesus into his heart!

The angel then told Ben that he no longer needed to fear Satan because Satan was now afraid of him. Ben began manifesting with a “drunkeness in the spirit”. The Lord sovereignly annointed him with the gift of “speaking in tongues” and the gift of “discerning of spirits”.

When Ben arrived back at the Tabernacle the youth were carrying him like a triumphant “victor’ and he threw his arms up into the air praising God! Everyone cheered and clapped because, by then, word had gotten around that something awesome had happened to one of the youth. We could all see a new release of “freedom” within Ben and all the Senior Youth. They began praising and worshipping the Lord with great fervor! Many were weeping and overcome with emotion. They were hugging each other and crying in each other’s arms. There was spontaneous prayer being ministered one to the other.

As the Music Ministry continued their Praise & Worship Music, many of the youth were dancing and jumping around the room with outbursts of “Praise God!” and “Thank you, Jesus!”. Ben and some of the other lads danced around crazily with such joy and abandonment upon their faces.

It was truly touching and beautiful. I really felt “in awe” as I watched and heard everything around me. It was a joyful celebration and the Holy Spirit’s presence was strongly felt! Some adults joined in the dancing and many were clapping and singing. Others, like myself, stood back and let the youth have center-stage as the Lord dealt with each one. I was awestruck at what the Lord had done to Ben and our whole camp in one evening! He had taken “closed” hearts and opened each one up! And He poured “life” into our “dry bones”! What a glorious thing He had done!

The next day there was a tremendous release of praise and worship during Music Ministry – such dancing, clapping and shouting like never before! That evening Ben was delivered of 12-15 more demons and partying continued until the wee hours of the morning!

Our God truly is an “AWESOME GOD”! He can use one person or one event to change a whole congregation! What a “wise” and “loving” Father!

God bless you all!

Yours in Christ,

Catherine Boivin