A Moving By the Spirit

“Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed, he went into his house; and his windows being open in his chamber toward Jerusalem, he kneeled upon his knees three times a day, and prayed, and gave thanks before his God, as he did aforetime.” (Daniel 6:10)

Recently, I was working away on a project, but deep within my spirit, I felt uneasy. The more I worked, the more uneasy I felt. I couldn’t pinpoint the “source” of the uneasiness, and knew that the work I was doing was not bad or displeasing to God. It was work that I knew that he wanted me to do. But the uneasiness remained. I couldn’t understand it. I began to feel really awful. Mistakenly, I surmised that I was just “too tired” and “overworked”. It is possible to be “too tired” and “overworked”. But I have seen that even when a person is very tired, even exceedingly tired, that this is in itself is not a direct cause for losing one’s peace. The real reason for losing one’s peace is always something “deep inside” that needs to be resolved with God. It is never the “being too tired”, which really only exacerbates the condition, and is not the direct result of it.

Finally, after many hours working, and this uneasiness becoming “worse and worse”, I knelt down to pray. You might say, “Why didn’t you kneel down to pray earlier than that?” That’s a good question. In fact, I guess the answer to that question is simply because I kept surmising that my “problem” was the fact that I was “too tired” and “overworked” – in other words, a classic case of deception. Mind you, the brain does do strange things when stretched to the limit – someone has likened the effects of being radically overtired to being on something like a “drug trip” – one does need to be careful, and God does call us to sleep for a reason! And yet in my own case, as I have almost always experienced, fatigue was not the bottom line. And yet I still could not “see” it. That is, I could not see the “real cause” of the problem – until, that is, I knelt down and began to pray.

I asked God to show me what the problem was. “Lord, why do I feel this way? It has only been getting worse and worse these past hours. What is wrong? Please show me.” Now the Lord really will show you “where the problem is” if you do this. That is, it has been my consistent experience that he will always answer a prayer like this from the heart. You need not worry. He wants to heal you from the “problem” – whatever it is. Well, in this case, it turned out there was indeed something that was bothering me tremendously. And yet, amazingly, I could not “see” it while I was working away. I suppose I was too “caught up” in my work to be able to “hear God” in the midst of it. Well, of course, that is why we all need to quiet ourselves down on a daily basis – thrice daily is better, as we see Daniel giving us example in the book of Daniel (see quote above).

All was quiet. I said, “Lord, please show me!” I patiently waited for his reply, for anything I might “see” with the eyes of my heart. (Ephesians 1:18) There were some immediate burdens that I prayed for. I got those “out of the way” but still, the uneasiness remained. I asked again, “Lord, please show me!” By this time, it probably was five minutes later, and, almost as faint as a whisper, my mother came to my mind. It was really such a faint picture of my mother, that one might even be inclined to dismiss it and move on to praying for something else. But I said to myself, “Well, you never know. Maybe this is the Lord showing me where the uneasiness is coming from.” So I began to pray for my mother. And then it happened! Suddenly, the burden came from deep within, and there was a passion to pray for my precious mother, whom I so loved, and for whom I had such a longing to know the Savior!

As I prayed, I really sensed an immediate empowerment from the Lord to pray everything I was praying. Suddenly, I had prayers to pray for my mother that I probably have never prayed before — at least, not in that way, with that same degree of conviction and assurance that God was really hearing me! My emotions began to well up, and tears came to my eyes. There was passion! This was Holy Spirit passion, to be sure! Surely, while I had been working on this project during the hours that preceded that time, God, by his Holy Spirit, had been “working on me” at the same time, providing me with something that would move me to my knees, to pray for a woman whom he loved as much as he loved anyone else. About fifteen minutes later, my prayers for my mother were ended, and I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that God had heard me.

Are you lacking peace today? There are many reasons why that might be so. But one possibility is that God is moving you in your spirit so that you might be moved to pray. Like me, you may not be able to “see” what the real issue is at all, until you find a quiet, solitary, spot, where you can pray and bring your burdens before the Lord. Trust the Lord, as you speak with him. He desires good and not bad in your life. Surely, the lack of peace that you are experiencing he desires to heal. And, who knows? You may be carrying a burden inside of you that God himself is carrying for someone that both he and you love dearly. Let yourself be used by God today. Let him “break through” to the deep inside. Let him speak to you by his Holy Spirit. May God so bless you as you do.