A Perfectly Perfect Divine Encounter

There I was, driving to work at about 8:45 a.m., when, all of sudden, I noticed a hitch-hiker with his thumb sticking out. Immediately, the Lord spoke to me a word of assurance and encouragement, “This one is okay.” With that, I pulled my van over to the side of the road.

“Where are you going?” I asked the middle-aged, somewhat rough-looking man.

“Up to such-and-such a city,” he replied (about two hours away).

“Well, I’m not going that far … I’m just going up to the next exit,” I said. “I’ll take you up a ways,” I said, “far from the rush of the morning traffic.”

Wayne got in.

A wonderful peace and assurance was present. With God having given me the “word of assurance”, I knew that He was going to bless our conversation. To me, that was reason enough for excitement! I was very excited, indeed!

Ten or twelve minutes of driving was all the Lord gave me. Just ten or twelve minutes to share the gospel, to “get it out,” and to make it clear. Could I do it? No, not without the Lord’s help. But the Lord had prepared me. And the “good news” was that this whole ride was orchestrated by the Lord — and yes, He would help!

“Open your mouth and I will fill it,” the Lord had said in his word. (Psalm 81:10) I opened my mouth.

“So, what highway do you want me to leave you at?” I said to Wayne.

“Stay on the 417,” he said.

“I can take you up a ways to where the traffic thins out … most of the people there should be going your way.” Then, I dug right in.

“You know why I stopped for you?” I asked Wayne. “The Lord spoke to me and said that it was okay to pick you up … I never ever pick up a hitch-hiker unless the Lord speaks to me. And God certainly did speak to me about you!”

Quickly, our conversation moved “back and forth” with small amounts of interchange. Slowly, but surely, the Lord was using me to “pry open an effective door of evangelism” with Wayne. I was able to share with him that I became a Christian 15 years ago, and that God has been very good to me, and that I really do trust in God, and that, “I want to see you in heaven!”

Wayne was listening to everything I had to say. From my own perspective, I could only imagine how God was going to use this “fit all the pieces of the puzzle” together in his life.

“Wayne,” I said. “This world is such a temporary place! One day, the Bible says, the whole thing is going to be destroyed by fire! Just think about how easy it is for fire to devour. Just think of that fire that is still raging in New Mexico, that was let off by accident at that! Cities have been destroyed because of it, and reports are that it will take a long time to completely extinguish it! Think about that! And it didn’t even take a nuclear bomb to set it off! Just a match! And wind!”

Wayne was listening (he had to!).

“Wayne, I want to see you in heaven!”

Soon, I got the “unction” in my spirit that it was time to let Wayne off and head on back to work. By this time, it was about 5 minutes to nine, and I had overshot my work by about 15 miles! There was a convenient turn in the distance, so I motioned to Wayne, and slowed the vehicle down, and pulled to the side of the road. Indeed, we were at a place that was much better for Wayne, now, seeing as though the only real traffic along this part of the road would normally be going quite a distance — perhaps all the way up to his destination, where he lived.

Now, interestingly enough, on this particular day, I had brought my large Bible with me — something I didn’t normally do, because I normally travel with my small (pocket) Bible. In my large Bible, at the back, were two very nice items: (1) Our Daily Bread (published by Radio Bible Class), and “Why Jesus?” published by Nicky Gumbel. Both of these publications contain high quality material that God could easily use to reach the “inside” of a man — when a real live “talking” man is not present.

I decided to give Wayne both of them. (He graciously accepted them.) I also gave Wayne a couple of evangelistic/encouragement tracts that I had sitting in my pocket. This being the Mother’s Day weekend, two of them were about the value of a mother. A third one — a very evangelistic one — “accidentally” dropped out of my pocket, at the same time. Wayne quickly swooped up all three of them! (Plus the two booklets mentioned.)

My closing words were, “Wayne, I want you to have these. You can do anything you want with them, because they are now yours. But I don’t want to have to meet God and say that I didn’t do my best to reach you and pursuade you to give your heart to the Lord when I meet him face-to-face!”

And at that, we parted.