A Prayer For The Weak, and Discouraged, and Faint Hearted

Lord, I confess that I am not corrupt. I am righteous. I serve a righteous God. That righteous God lives in me. He lives eternally in me. I please him all the time, in everything that I do. He loves me. I serve him, and he loves me. He takes care of me. He gives me a shoulder to cry on. He makes himself known to me. He gives me peace. He gives me satisfaction. He satisfies all of my desires. He loves to show himself to me. He loves to make himself known to me and he loves to use me to make himself known to many others, as well. He loves me passionately, like no one else has ever, or will ever, love me. He loves me deeply, right from the very bottom of his heart. His thoughts are ever towards me, as I seek to do those things that are pleasing in his sight. He hates evil, but he loves righteousness. He loves me for that reason, because I love to do those things that are pleasing in his sight. And for this reason, I call on his name, and say, ‘Abba, Father, I love you, too!’