A Prayer of Encouragement

I am not weak, but I am very strong. I am not discouraged, but I am encouraged! And why not be encouraged? For God is with me, in everything that I do. I am not weak, but I am strong. I am not defeated, but I am victorious.

In everything I do, I am victorious. God is with me, and forgives me for my sin. God delivers me from the effects of my sin. God does not take into account all of my sin. He knows that I am but dust. He sees my frame. He knows that I am but a very frail specimen (without him). He knows how much I need him, how much I depend upon him.

Jesus said, “Apart from me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5). Jesus meant what he said! Jesus was right. Apart from him, I can do absolutely nothing. I am frail (without him). I am weak (without him). Indeed, I am absolutely nothing (without him). But with him by my side, I can scale a wall … I can do all things … I cannot be beaten … for he is with me, and will strengthen me, and will cause me to be absolutely triumphant in any and every situation! Praise his name!

I am therefore not weak in him, but am strong in him. I am strong forevermore, because, forevermore, I trust him, and rely upon him. Jesus is with me. God is with me. My Lord is with me. He strengthens me, moment by moment. I am strong … and getting stronger by the moment, as I continue to utterly depend upon him and him alone as my source of strength.

Oh Lord, come in today, and make your abode (… I know, Lord, you are already there!) Thank you, Lord, that you came in, that you are there to stay, and that you will never leave me nor forsake me. You are there to help me and to strengthen me, and to guard me, and to protect me. Lord, you are it. You are the one who does all these things, and more, as I learn to put my confidence in you.

Now Lord, arise, and do more valiantly still! I am here to serve … and serve you I will! Amen.