A Psychic Fair Came to Town

About a month ago a psychic fair came to town to the one mall we have. This really bothered me because this is one of my ministry grounds and I’m claiming souls for the kingdom there every time I go there. The fair started on Thursday and I didn’t go to the mall that day but I was praying as I drove by. Thursday night the Holy Spirit started talking to me and the conviction that I had to do something about this situation became stronger and stronger.

Friday morning when I woke up I said “OK, I’ll go but what can one person do?” The Lord told me to just go. So I did. But first I got my husbands approval then I called my prayer partner for some spiritual back up and I called the church to see if we had any tracks that I could hand out. I then put on a tee shirt with a Christian message, grabbed my bible and drove to the mall. I still didn’t have a clue what I was going to do when I got there.

I got to the mall and asked the Lord “Okay, what next?” He just sort of nudged me to walk around the booth where the psychics were and to pray. This was ok for about fifteen minutes then the man there confronted me and asked me what I was doing. I told him “I’m praying for you and all the people here.”

He left me alone for a little while then came back and told me he wanted me to leave. I asked “Why?” and he evaded the question. I had the witness in my heart that my spiritual warfare (2Cor.10:4-5) had been successful and he was frustrated. So I just kept walking around, praying and singing. As people left the booth I gave them tracks about salvation and hearing from God all the while praying that He would multiply the seed I had sown.

About 15 minutes later mall security came by and started threatening me that if I didn’t leave they would call the police and have me put in jail. I asked “What for?” and they said that I was not allowed to distribute tracks with out the manager’s permission. I asked if I could talk to the manager and they said he was out but that he would be back at two and talk to him then. I replied “Ok, I’ll talk to him then.”

I bought a drink and kept praying in English and in tongues as I walked around that booth. I was able to bind the spirit of divination operating in the man, that’s why he got so upset. He was having a hard time reading his tarot cards. The lady was a different story. She had opened herself up to sorcery for such a long time that every time I bound the evil spirit in her another one would take it’s place. I asked the Lord what was going on and He said she was like a channel for evil spirits. The prayer I got for her was ‘to confound her’. So I walked around asking the Lord to confound her wondering, “What does confound mean?” (God has a real sense of humor). Anyhow, it worked. I found out later from someone I witnessed to that she was unable to do any detailed readings that weekend. (Confound means to bewilder or confuse, to perplex or mix up and it’s actually in my KJV bible, Micah 3:7)

Because I was unable to stop people from making appointments to see the psychics I asked the Lord to take control of the readings so that the enemy could not influence these people. I know what it’s like to be deceived so I just kept crying out to the Lord to have mercy on these people and to save them. Praise the Lord, He always hears our heart’s cry.

I left for a while to get my kids because I figured if my teenager was shopping I had a perfectly legitimate reason to be in the mall. I also called another intercessor to get some more prayer support. When I got back to the mall my pastor happened by and was able to give me some words of wisdom to think about before I talked to mall management. Isn’t God good? I was really encouraged to see how God looked after things. I was prepared to go to jail but I was hoping I wouldn’t have too.

I was able to witness to five people that day and I handed out around twenty or more tracks. I just kept asking the Lord to multiply the seed sown. There were countless others ministered to as I sang and walked. The Lord kept bringing back various older songs and hymns to sing and I saw some people with tears in their eyes as I sang “Amazing Grace”.

Mall management caught up with me again and I was able to ask them if I could rent a table the next year when the psychic fair was on again. The answer was a very encouraging yes, for free! and we shared about the Lord and His love for people. There was no mention made of the threat to call in the police at all!

I worked Friday night all night at my regular job and then I grabbed a few hours of sleep and headed back to the mall on Saturday. On my way there I was really attacked about how useless I would be and how little I would be able to do. My loud response was “It’s not my problem. It’s my job to be obedient to the Lord so get behind me satan!” Thankfully, that shut up All the what ‘if’s’ and ‘buts’ in my head.

That day the Lord told me to sit down on the park bench close to the psychic booth and wait. So I did and he arranged for me to talk to numerous people. The Lord gave me words of encouragement, words of knowledge and words of wisdom for all of those precious people. He is so faithful. I was reminded of the scripture where the Lord says not to worry about what you are going to say because He’ll give you the words to speak. (Matt. 10:19-20) He sure did!

People today are crying out for answers and one lady in particular was so stunned when I showed her my marked up bible and said “This is a record of God talking to me. Every highlight, every note is something He showed me or taught me. You too can have a bible like this one if you’ll ask Jesus to be Lord of your life.”

Another young lady shared how much it was going to cost her around $50.00 to see the psychic and I was able to share with her how much God loved her and how He longed to talk with her- for free. She didn’t think God cared. I was able to share with her scripture verses to correct her thinking, plant the seeds of salvation and leave her a tract with our church number on it.

One man was all excited to go see the psychic because he had been waiting quite a while for one to come to town. I am so glad that Jesus is always available. Our God neither ‘slumbers nor sleeps’ and “He hears the desire of the humble; He will prepare our hearts and cause our ears to hear Him. (Ps. 121:3 and Ps.10:17)

I shared with at least fifteen people and there were others who were just listening but not taking part in the conversation. I saw some people get up and leave only to find out later that I had spoken revelation knowledge into their lives that I had no way of knowing. I replied back to one lady who remarked on this “God knows her situation better than anybody!”

The people at the booth were not happy that I was there witnessing and testifying about the Lord but I’m still praying for Peter and Christina. You see, God loves them too. They know I’ll be back next year and they know that the Christian God is the real God so we’ll see if they show up.

God willing, I’ll be there, with lots of back up support. Praise the Lord!