A Reunion of Hearts – A Mother’s Story

I have a Mother’s Day message that I believe the Lord inspired me to write. It’s for all you mothers that may have lost a baby at some point in your life, either through abortion, death, or miscarriage.

Years ago, in my young adulthood, I was married for approximately two years to a young man who is not presently my husband. During our one-year engagement, about six months before our set wedding date, I became pregnant by him. We were both going to College at the time and scared-to-death to be faced with the responsibility of raising a baby. I felt so much shame and guilt because I had been brought up to be a “good Catholic” girl. So my Fiance and I agreed that I should get an abortion. There was no question or doubt in our minds — it was the only thing to do. And so I had an abortion without my parents ever knowing that I was even pregnant. Years later, when I became a Christian, I asked my parents and the Lord for forgiverwss for having an abortion and for lying to them.

I asked the Lord, one day, if my aborted baby was with Jesus in Heaven. And He said, “Yes, you have a little girl and her name is Vanessa.” When I heard that name it was confirmed in my heart because I knew that “Vanessa” was a name that my ex-husband and I had liked. I felt totally amazed that an 8 week old aborted fetus was now a child of an older age and had been named and was in Heaven with our Lord. I wept with regret and with delight at the same time — knowing she was in the best place possible, but sad to know I had given up a little girl that would now be my 22 year old daughter.

As I was thinking about her recently, it occurred to me that she would now be the same age that I was when I aborted her. I was ovewhelmed with tears of repentance. At that moment I felt the Lord’s comfort and I knew in my heart that she would hold nothing against me and that we would one day have a joyful reunion in Heaven.

I hope that this gives comfort to any of you mothers that have lost a baby through abortion, death or miscarriage. May it give you that sweet assurance that, yes, they are with Jesus and they do have a name and they have grown from a fetus into young human beings. They have been nurtured by their Heavenly Father and loved unconditionally. Even if you refused them or couldn’t love them at the time, they feel no pain of rejection — only love. And you will recognize your child when you meet again, in Heaven. You will know your child and your child will know you! Praise God for His kind mercies!

Yours in Christ,
Catherine Boivin
April 1999