A Wall Comes Down

I walked in to the test station, but this time things would be different. This time I would have a chance to “meet” with a man whom I had met many times before, but, before this time, I had sensed a “wall” in my spirit. To be sure, the “wall” was some type of barrier between him and I, that had prevented me from really being able to feel close to him, and to open up with him (typically, I am thinking of the gospel in such circumstances).

Sure, I had shared with him before. But there was something about the receptivity of that initial encounter that made me sense that he was “holding something back” from me. I didn’t know what it was.

Today was different. Today, the “wall” would come down. Today, “Hong” (not his real name) would share with me some startling news that would make me cry.

Hong was from Cambodia and, like many Cambodians, had come to Canada as a result of persecution. Hong was fortunate.

“My sister and my brother-in-law, and their two children,” Hong said, “they were executed by the Khmer Rouge. And my mother and father, they died of starvation and disease, also because of the Khmer Rouge.”

When Hong said those words, I could not help but close my eyes and look upward. What had made him share? Was it because I had been obedient to God’s directives and had not “pushed” anything on him? I can only hope that it was. And it was God’s grace in just helping that blessed “moment to occur”. Providence. Yes, providence!

I just held my eyes closed until the tears came. And then, wet-eyed, I opened my eyes back up again and said to Hong (who knew I was a Christian), “One day, God is going to come back to this earth, and there is going to be justice.”

Hong did not seem bitter at all — humbled, in fact, but not bitter. An incredible testimony for a man who himself has not yet found the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I did not lead him in the “sinner’s prayer” This was not God’s timing. God was working everything out for his purposes. I had to listen carefully to what God was saying. I had to follow his voice. God was saying, “Listen to this man. Develop a relationship with him. Let me bless you as you pursue a relationship with him.” It was not something I really had to “do.” It was what God himself was doing in our midst!

I had said just about all that I had needed to say. I didn’t need to “preach” to him right now. Anyway, Hong knew “all about it” from a pamphlet I had given him earlier. God had given me a “check” in my spirit, that I was not to “impose” anything on him. I had to wait for God’s timing. In fact, it was God’s timing to say “just one more thing,” for which the Lord gave me “clear utterance.” It was now God’s timing for this very thing.

I suddenly was drawn closer to Hong, and able to say to him, “Hong, I would like to give you another booklet in Cambodian for you to read.” And that book is another book about Jesus (more detailed, and more explicit than before). Before this day, however, I had not had “such peace” about it — especially after having already given him that smaller pamphlet. But God does seem to have done a work in our midst, for which I am grateful. Today there was a “brand new opening,” and a wall came down. Praise God!

“Lord, tear down the walls that separate us and prevent us from being able to share with others what is truly life indeed. Help us to be patient and kind towards all men, so that they might find our message favorable. In Christ’s name, Amen.”