All Things are Possible, Part 2: The Big-Name Lawyer

More than a year before I was ever called up by Alcea Technologies and offered the job at Time ICR which would be later bought out by Rogers Communications, my friend Jim sent me an email in which he wrote about one of his dreams,

“Then I ran into this big-name lawyer – Rogers – who looked like (a friend). He was conspiring to make something happen. I believe he had talked to Dan about being on the Supreme Court. And now he was talking to me about manipulating stock prices. He had so long – a month – to get the stock price up to a specific amount.”

What was this dream all about? The dream mentioned a man named “Rogers”. Who was this Rogers referring to, anyway? “Rogers” in the dream is a “big-name lawyer”. He represents someone with a lot of legal authority. He also talked to me about being on the “Supreme Court”, so he has legal authority over an entire nation! When you consider the possibilities, I think it becomes clear that “Rogers” is, in fact, the Lord Himself (who ultimately has control over Rogers Communications and who indeed put me at Rogers Communications to work there for a time).

Dreams given by God all make sense when you key into the God-given interpretation for them. It might also be important to add here, that keying into a proper understanding of this dream can actually allow me to do what God wants me to do when I’m in the company. For example, if I’m not really sure that God put me in the company, I might react a lot differently than if I’m absolutely sure God put me there! So the “big name lawyer” being the Lord who has complete authority and with the name “Rogers” being a reference to the Lord having complete authority over Rogers Communications in particular, where I would be working – can allow me to be as bold as a lion when the time comes. And I did have to be bold at certain points along the way.

Now there are a few extra things you need to keep in mind throughout this whole process of trying to understand this dream which Jim had back in May of 2004. First, I have never pursued a job with Rogers. So I didn’t “make” my employment with Rogers happen by any means. God did. Second, I was called up not even to work for Rogers, but to work for Alcea Technologies, who employed me on behalf of BitHeads, who farmed me out to Time ICR which was then purchased by Rogers during my employment! There is no way I could have orchestrated any of this or set up any of these “dominoes” to even remotely fulfill the dream that God gave to my friend Jim. And yet, here is an amazing thing: more than a year before I ever got called up, Jim had the dream, and the name “Rogers” is mentioned specifically by name and in reference to me. Let’s dig the dream apart a little more and see if there are any more “sure-fire” references:

“He [i.e. the Lord] was conspiring to make something happen. I believe he had talked to Dan about being on the Supreme Court.”

The “Supreme Court” is a place of authority where judgments are made. If the dream is about God’s “Supreme Court” and not man’s, then it is talking about having spiritual authority. Now who is called to have spiritual authority in the Bible? In fact, anyone who has trusted the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins has been called to that. You can read about that in the book of Ephesians chapter 6, as well as in many other places. In the dream, the statement is written in the past tense:

“I believe he [i.e. the Lord] had talked to Dan about being on the Supreme Court.”

In real life, had the Lord talked to me about being on His “Supreme Court”? The nature of Christianity is that you have concern for others, and want them, too, to be able to share in this wonderful experience that you yourself have come to experience. The “Supreme Court” is a place of influence. In reality, when we pray to God, He hears our prayers, and we have authority with Him. Thus, we are all called to be on God’s “Supreme Court” in that sense. We are all called to exercise authority through prayer and various other means.

The dream continues, “And now he was talking to me about manipulating stock prices.”

In the dream, it says that “he” – meaning the Lord – was intending to manipulate “stock prices”. What did this refer to in real life? In real life, I believe it referred to God arranging the circumstances such that the company would be willing to hire me full-time. The phrase “manipulating stock prices” probably refers to God arranging the circumstances not only so they would hire me full-time, but so that they would pay me what He wanted them to pay me, as well – for as you read in a later article, when I deliberately refused their offer of a $65,000 per year salary and told them it wasn’t enough, they turned around the next day and offered me $80,000! In the articles still to come, I will explain in even greater detail how God brought that about, through a continuous flow of supernatural revelation which He gave to me during those days.

The next line in the dream says, “He had so long – a month – to get the stock price up to a specific amount.”

This was either a reference to the initial one month contract that I was hired for and it may also be a reference to the actual negotiation process that took less than a month (which lasted from October 28 to November 17, 2005). Often, companies are only willing to hire someone on short term contract in order to see how good their work is. If their work is good enough, then they will usually have the chance to stay on longer. So the reference to having a month to “get the stock price up to a specific amount” may be a reference to the month that I would have to sufficiently impress the company with my work (to receive an informal offer — which indeed happened) — and it may also have been a reference to that (less than) one month period in which I later negotiated my salary with them.

The dotted line was signed more than a full month after I received the informal offer, and there was a real spiritual battle still to be fought through sheer obedience to God, but the initial (informal) offer of full-time employment, which I received within the first 30 days working on contract was the clincher that got the ball rolling.


This message is part 2 in a multipart series.

Amended on Nov 13, 2011