All Things are Possible, Part 3: The Big Fish

While money is nice (even essential), it’s not everything. I wouldn’t, for example, sell my soul, or lower my standards, in order to gain more money. In the end, it’s just not worth it. Jesus put it this way, when He said, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”

So in all of the negotiating, I wasn’t really out to get more money. I was simply out to be obedient to God. That may sound kind of funny, but I have learned throughout the years that God gives things that money cannot buy and it’s simply not worth the trade. One of those things, for example, is a peace that simply can’t be found anywhere on this earth. I live in that peace from day to day, and when I don’t have it, I always ask God what’s wrong. (And He’ll tell me what’s wrong, too!) All of this actually makes me a good candidate for doing the things that I did at this company.

Because my focus was not money but God, I could hear God speaking to me clearly, and so was easily able to follow His instructions which ended up netting me, in the end, the extra $15,000. I’m not sure if you see how that works. You can chase after money, and maybe even get it, but end up not being truly satisfied. On the other hand, you can chase after God, and end up being very satisfied, and maybe even net the cash, too!

Now to do what I did, you need to know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. It’s a fundamental, crucial, element, which cannot be ignored. Things like this just don’t happen. They happen in response to an established relationship. More than twenty years ago, I trusted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. That simple act of faith and obedience opened the door for a relationship which has become, and continues to become, tremendous and exciting. God provides me with knowledge that others don’t have; yes, even knowledge of what my employers are going to do before they do it.

God showed me the first bomb dropping on Afghanistan before it was ever reported in the news. God also showed me an assassination attempt on president George W. Bush years before it happened in the state of Georgia. Who will God share with? He will share with the one that has chosen to be intimate with Him. I urge you, for your own sake, to make a decision to be intimate with God, and to tell Him all of your burdens, and to really make God your very best friend. There is no way you can be disappointed if you decide to do this.

The Big Fish Dream

In this article, I’d like to move onto the “big fish” dream that God gave me a few weeks before I signed the contract. The “big fish” dream was a very special dream that God gave me in order to “set me up” to be able to sign the contract. Had it not been for the “big fish” dream, and for the fact that I actually listened to it, and did what God told me to do through it, that contract would have never been signed! I received this dream on November 3, 2005, exactly two weeks before I would be awarded the contract:

“I was sitting next to a very large fish tank. I shone my flashlight into the tank and saw a huge fish inside. In another scene, the big fish is outside with me on the pavement. It’s not moving, but it’s about to. The big fish is in the order of 30 feet high and maybe 200 feet long. The way it’s sitting on the pavement like that, it forms a narrow (say 10 feet wide) corridor against the wall. I realize I only have a little time to make a “dash” for it before the big fish starts to move and I get crushed, so I quickly make a dash.”

What was God trying to tell me through this dream? For sure, the dream had something to do with a “big fish”, but I just couldn’t figure it out – that is, not until I stepped into the office of the man who had agreed to hire me full time and found out that he was about to move to a new company! Then all of the little “bells” went off. I thought to myself, “A big fish getting ready to move – that’s what I saw in the dream!” (Company executives are called “big fish” sometimes, using the colloquial.)

As it turned out, God was communicating to me once again knowledge I had no way of knowing in advance. In this case, that the VP was about to leave the company. God was telling me I only had a very small amount of time after he would “start to move” before my chances at signing the contract would be crushed. I had to move very quickly.

When Ian (the VP) told me that he had found a new job in the US and would be moving in the near future, that threw everything into very “high gear” for me. All of a sudden, the “big fish” dream took on new meaning, and I realized I needed to “corner this guy” (in a very friendly, professional, manner) so as to get a contract signed. The reason I had to pursue him was because it was he who had agreed to sign a contract with me. As it turned out, few if any others had the “inside scoop” on the fact that I had even been promised a job by him – which he had verbally promised me in the few weeks prior. It was just a matter of him being so busy, and, I suppose, his own “job search” had something to do with that. (At companies like this, people can get very busy. I would stress that he is a very friendly man, and I’m sure made no mistakes apart from being “overly busy”, and so was not able to completely fulfill his obligation to get a contract signed with me in the normally expected period of time.)

At any rate, the “big fish” dream was my definite cue from the Lord that I needed to “hotly pursue” this man, and get him to agree to sign a contract with me. So that is what I did. Throughout the day on Wednesday, November 16, 2005, I searched for Ian within the company, first starting with his office. In fact, it really wasn’t until I was standing outside Ian’s office for the umpteenth time that I suddenly realized that I was acting out the part of the “Big Fish” dream in which I “shone my light” into the fish tank! It was like God was speaking to me, as I was standing there at his office door – the fish tank was empty and I had to find the fish! Finally, I did find Ian and we made an arrangement to get together (him and myself) to speak with yet another lady (the financial officer) in order to finalize the arrangements. So we met at 5:00 o’clock that evening in her small office. The conversation would prove to be challenging, to be sure.


This message is part 3 in a multipart series.