All Things are Possible, Part 4: The Refresher Course

A week prior to my entering the office of the financial officer, the Lord did a very strange thing one day when I got into work. Here’s what happened.

When I sat down at my desk, a whole pile of confusion came over me. When I stood up, the confusion immediately went away. When I sat down again, the confusion immediately came back. So, of course, I stood up and then asked the Lord, “Lord, what is going on?”

The Lord immediately answered me (I did not expect He would answer me so quickly). He said, “Do exactly as I say!” And what He was saying to do was to stand up. So I stood up for about ten solid minutes, just looking at people as they passed by my cubicle! I waited and waited and waited for the Lord to tell me when it was okay to sit down, and finally He said, “You can sit down now.” I was then able to do my work properly, without any confusion.

I didn’t realize it at that very time, but what the Lord was doing was training me. It was His “quick lesson” on the importance of obeying Him, particularly at this critical junction in which I would soon be entering into contract negotiations. These contract negotiations would be difficult, if not impossible to achieve without my obedience.

I sat down with the VP and financial officer, and one of the first things that the financial officer said was that the company could not afford to pay me what I was asking (at that point, I had settled on $84,000 a year as my asking price, having come down from my original asking price of $90,000). Three times the financial officer asked me if I would accept $65,000 and three times I responded, “No, I would not.” The financial officer did not want to budge, and I also knew that God did not want me to budge, so I remained absolutely firm.

We clearly reached an impasse where the financial officer would not budge. However, I knew that heaven was behind me, and of course, God had reminded me the week earlier of the need to be fiercely obedient to Him. So I looked up a little bit, and prayed, “Lord, what should I do?”

Immediately, a thought went through my mind, which I believe must have been the Lord speaking to me, and the thought was, “Tell them that today will be your last day working at the company and you will not be returning tomorrow.”

So I said, “I’ll tell you what, I’ll just walk out the door and not come back tomorrow.” I had a lot of peace in giving this answer to them, because I knew it came from heaven and would evoke a definite response. I was also willing at that very time to lay down the job completely.

At that precise moment, God said to me, very clearly (but in my spirit, so there was no audible voice), “I want you to stand up very slowly and prepare yourself to leave the room.”

So very slowly I proceeded to get up as if to leave the room.

I was told to please sit down.

We were now playing “hard ball”. Who was going to budge? Me or them? Well it certainly wasn’t me, so it had to be them. God would make it happen. After all, He created them, and knew exactly what it took to get them to change their minds.

Finally, we were getting somewhere, it seemed. Ears and eyes were perked, and the financial officer then said to me, “Tell you what, we will discuss this and get back to you in the morning.”

I said, “Fine,” and left the room and went home for the evening.


This message is part 4 in a multipart series.