All Things are Possible, Part 5: The Final Ultimatum

The next morning was Thursday, November 17, 2005. I came into work as usual expecting that some sort of decision would have been reached. But when I sat down at my desk, I noticed that no one was approaching me, even though both the VP and the financial officer were clearly at the company. So at around 10:30 a.m. I made a decision to write a letter to the VP, who had originally agreed to hire me on.

I sat down at my computer, and opened my email client, and started to pen a letter. Who should I send it to, and what should I say, anyway? These were two very important questions. I had the original inclination to send the letter to both the VP as well as the financial officer, until suddenly a dream came back to my remembrance, and I could not help but think that the Lord was again speaking to me through this dream, giving me clear direction on how to proceed at this critical juncture. The dream was about the need to be sensitive during pressure moments. Note that I had this dream exactly a day after I had the “big fish” dream on November 3, 2005.

The dream was about offenses. In the dream, there was a Christian man who was doing some work for a prominent person. The prominent person decided to take his business away from this Christian man. Because of this, the Christian man took offense, and this in turn led to the prominent person rejecting the gospel and not receiving Christ as His Lord and Savior. In the dream, I was actually sharing the gospel with this prominent person, and I was speaking in such a manner so as to be able to clearly relate to him.

This dream in many ways paralleled my experience with the VP. I understood from this dream that in writing a letter and copying the financial officer in it, it could be easy to offend the VP unnecessarily. This was a man who, like anyone else, needed Christ. So I needed to display Christian charity in the midst of my written ultimatum. How could one do this? The answer that the Lord gave me was, “with thanksgiving”. So that is exactly how I started the letter – with thanks for the privilege at having been able to work at the company for the previous few months. I then went on to offer my ultimatum, that if a contract was not forthcoming by 6:00 p.m. that evening, that I would not be returning the next day. It was as simple as that. I felt quite relieved after I sent that letter.

Very shortly after sending the letter, the Lord spoke to me as I was still sitting at my desk.

He said, “Go see Khen,” which I didn’t know what all that was about, but I did know who Khen was. Khen was my immediate supervisor, for all intents and purposes. His office was just down the hallway. I got up out of my chair and proceeded to very slowly walk down the hallway, for I didn’t know why God had told me to see Khen and I didn’t know what to expect. So I walked slowly.

As I was proceeding down the hallway, I noticed that Khen was not in his office, but that the financial officer was busy talking with the secretary about something. I sort of just stood there, about 15 feet or so from the financial officer and the secretary (for that is where Khen’s office was located) and the financial officer noticed me there, and said to me, “We’ll have something ready for you to sign in a few hours.”

When I received the “word” from the financial officer, then I knew that God had indeed been the One to get me out of my seat and walk down that hallway. It was comforting. However, all was not over yet (but almost). Whereas prior to that, I had already been offered (in writing) a job offer of $65,000, it was not long after that encounter with the financial officer in the hallway that that I was called into the president of our division’s office, and presented with a revised job offer. This time, the job offer was for $80,000. I accepted this job offer, knowing that it was very close to what I had been asking. Later on, of course, I realized that it was also within the range of the “12 times 7” that the Lord had spoken to me in the dream of July 2005. So it all worked out fine and according to God’s plan.

Thus it was that the dream that God had given me on July 11, 2005 reached it’s fulfillment around four months later. It took the “Rogers” dream (of May 1, 2004), the “12 x 7” dream (of July 11, 2005), the “big fish” dream (of November 3, 2005) and the “Prominent Person” dream (of November 4, 2005), and also the refresher lesson in obedience to make it all work!

So, you see, there is a real need to listen to your dreams (carefully!) if you are going to arrive at “that place” that God has for you. Plus, you need to be very sensitive to hearing and being able to properly discern the voice of God (it isn’t all in the dreams, to be sure). How can one do that? This will be the topic of parts 6 and 7 of this multipart series, which will be released in God’s timing.


This message is part 5 in a multipart series.