An Encounter With Wassim

Now here I will tell you something else that happened to me just recently at my workplace, as a demonstration that God ‘really is’ active in the workplace, and will use you mightily if you will only expect him to move through you.

I was sitting at my desk waiting for a techician to come and fix my computer, when, all of a sudden, I had the urging to ‘get up and go for a walk’ (I think to eat something).

Before getting to the lunchroom (I never did get there), I turned down an aisle, ‘sensing’ that I should look for someone that I had been trying to find earlier that day for business reasons. I couldn’t find him, so left a note on his desk. As I was leaving his cubicle, I noticed there was another man sitting in his cubicle enjoying a break. It was after hours. The day was now done. And there was a real sense of being able to talk with this man with a sense of liberty and ease (he is a Muslim).

I said to him, ‘Hi Wassim! How are you doing?’

‘Oh, just fine, Dan!’ he answered.

‘Hum,’ I thought to myself. ‘A nice conversation is brewing! I think I just might pursue this.’ I sensed God was in it.

Suddenly, I had a vision, and I ‘saw’ the Bible. What was that for? I could only reason, ‘Hum, looks like I’ll be opening up my Bible with this man!’

Could it be possible? Reading the Bible to two men at work whom I had previously not done so in the same week? The suggestion almost seemed ridiculous — a challenge to my limited faith.

Soon — yes — we were into a spiritual discussion, and, again, amazingly, the Scriptures just seemed to open right up in front of us. Here is how it happened.

Wassim said to me (as usual), ‘You look tired!’

‘No, Wassim,’ I answered, I’m not tired! Actually, I had a good night’s sleep last night! (First time in a long time!)

‘You know, it’s good to keep busy,’ Wassim said to me.

‘Yes, Wassim,’ I replied. ‘You are right. It is good to keep busy.’

Immediately, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. ‘Remember David.’

‘Wassim,’ I said to him. ‘Do you know King David? It says in the Bible that he wasn’t busy enough. That is why he committed adultery with Bathsheba! In 2 Samuel 11, it says that at the time the kings are supposed to go out to war and keep busy, that king David was at home looking at women! He should have stayed busy! And then he wouldn’t have committed adultery!’

Wassim was very interested. Suddenly a part of him was awakened. And he suddenly perked up!

‘Come,’ he said, ‘and look at these poems that my father wrote. What do you think of them?’ I began to read them. Although they were not really Scripturally accurate, yet they spoke of God as great (from a Muslim standpoint). I wondered how to respond, knowing that I could not honestly say they were ‘good’ (because they were not accurate). I let God help me, and graciously, I was able to give some positive sense to these poems, without affirming their content.

‘Your father is a very creative man,’ I said. ‘He is an artist.’

‘Yes, he is an artist,’ Wassim responded.

I had won his favor.

Soon, I sensed the Lord saying to me, ‘And now the website. Point him to the website.’ So I did. And today, Wassim (not his real name), has [orgurl] bookmarked in his web browser.

‘What is this?’ Wassim said, pointing to the Bible on the front page of the latest version of the website.

‘That is the Bible,’ I said to Wassim. Then I said, ‘Click on it and see what happens.’

Wassim clicked, and up came an explanation of what the Bible was all about, presented in a format which he (hopefully!) will be able to receive. Wassim said upon my leaving, ‘I will be reading this.’

At that, we parted, and I was off.

‘Bye, Wassim.’

‘Bye, Dan.’

Lord, we will see Wassim and many more like him in heaven, will we not? Help us to do our part!