Are We Listening?

Recently, the Small Group that my wife and I lead has been studying the various Spiritual gift lists and offices that are described in Romans, Corinthians and Ephesians. During the last meeting, we actually calculated the answers to a hundred and twelve questions that we had prayerfully answered over the previous several weeks between meetings. I found that my main gift is that of prophecy. The levels of intensity that apply to each of the seven gifts vary between one (not a gift area) and five (a major life center). My total point score for prophecy was 103 out of a possible 112 points, a major life center.

Because she had been enduring the black and white, right and wrong, prophet-type behavior, for three years, my wife, Dana, wasn’t surprised at all. Nevertheless, I immediately realized that my life had changed. Going through the gift assessment process had forced the acknowledgement of something that I had suspected, but somehow rejected, for some time. Acknowledging, or should I say, having to confront the fact, has now opened a communication channel that was previously being blocked due to my unwillingness to accept it.

The result of acknowledging the gift is that I now hear much more from the Lord. What used to be strong thought patterns that turned into articles and comments to others has now bloomed into structured communications that end in “Thus saith the Lord.” It is a matter of expectation and listening. We humans tend to have to see things before we fully accept them. I’m no different. Now I know, rather than believe, that I have the gift.

Two days ago, the Lord spoke, clearly, while I was asleep. I heard His voice tell me three things.

The first part was: “The end of the Church here on earth is drawing nigh.”

Trust me, I don’t use the word “nigh” in my vocabulary at all, and I know it was the Lord’s way of letting me know, with great certainty, that this was not something my subconscious mind was conjuring up. I experienced two intense feelings when I heard those words. First, the translation of the Church is looming on the horizon: not necessarily in a day, week or month, but more in the sense of being imminent on a personal, spiritual level. Second, the ease with which we can preach the gospel message is going to change dramatically, especially here in the U.S. What is relatively easy, today, is soon going to become be very dangerous and laborious.

The second part of the word I received was: “My children have become entangled in the thorns and they must separate themselves from them.”

The Lord was stating that His children have been ensnared by the world. Their Spiritual development and ability to produce fruit is being choked. It is imperative that they untangle themselves from the “thorns” very quickly. There is not much time left. I immediately associated this word with Luke 8:7, where Jesus was speaking of the gospel message as seed, saying “And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it.”

I was also “told” as part of this statement that His children, who deliberately choose to remain ensnared in worldly things, as represented by the thorns, will be hurt in some way when they are eventually snatched away. In the dream, I saw people suffering cuts and gashes all over their bodies after they had been forcibly ripped out of the patch of thorns.

Later on that day, while at work, I kept having another thought constantly run through my mind. The thought was that the churches and pastors have knowingly allowed thorns to be planted, in a deliberate manner, in their personal ministry fields. Those thorns have now taken root and are choking the life out of the very seed that they have sown that is trying to grow.

Part three of the message was: “My children, once they have separated themselves from the thorns, must go into the harvest fields.” I saw people walking into what looked like vast fields of wheat that were white and ready for harvest. It was a beautiful sight.

The next day, an interesting thing happened. While we were at church, I started writing down what I had been told. I found that I couldn’t remember any of the actual words, just the general message of what was said. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t remember the words verbatim.

Today, as I sat down at the computer, they all came back in an instant, along with all of the feelings and understanding that I had received. It is clear that The Lord is attempting to speak to His children in every way possible. I know that there are many more, like myself, that the Lord is speaking to every day, but they just aren’t listening. Although He has spoken this important message to me, it is for you, the readers, the Church, not just for me. Please listen to His words and obey them.