Are We Listening?

Jim and I both had “preconceived ideas” about why were meeting to pray that day. We were meeting because we each had needs, and we knew that the Lord’s Spirit was moving in our midst whenever we would meet. We knew that, by meeting together, God would be glorified, and that some real “work” would get done for the kingdom of heaven. We knew that battles would be won in prayer! But what we didn’t know was exactly what it was that God had in store for us. In order for us to know that, we had to listen. Forty-five minutes later, we “knew” that we had listened like God had wanted us to: we had fulfilled his command to pray for people and situations and we had enjoyed a rich time of fellowship, all because we chose to listen to what God was saying to us. There was a moment during that prayer time that I was tempted to “move on to something else” but I knew that God was speaking to me, almost in a “whisper”: “Listen to what I am saying and don’t miss it”. I heard him. I laid down my aggenda and prayed for what he wanted us to pray for. It brought great peace and satisfaction to my spirit, and Jim was pleased as well. We were “in the Spirit,” truly! Praise the Lord!

Not long after that I “happened” to meet a man that I had not seen in a long time. I knew him from work, and he knew me too, although I couldn’t remember his name. “How are you?” I said to him. “I’m fine, thank you,” he replied back. We had a good conversation. I knew that God was speaking to me and encouraging me to speak with him openly about my faith. “Are you a Christian?” I asked him. I had a real peace in saying this, there was no sense of “Should I?” or “Should I not ask him?” No, but rather, the spirit was very pleasant in our midst. It turns out that the man was not a Christian at the time of asking him, but that he agreed to be put on our receiver list — that, too, was from the Lord. But I have to admit, I would have “missed it” if I had not been listening to the Lord. Who knows but that this man (who is now on our receiver list) will one day become a Christian as a result of that encounter? I cannot say that I have always listened to God, or that I am even 50% successful in achieving that in my life at the moment, but I know that this is an area that the Lord is definitely working on in my life — in all our lives, I feel. And who knows but that actually listening to the Lord — that very still, small voice — can produce great effects in the lives of tens, if not hundreds, if not thousands of people?

Are we listening to the Lord? Are we really doing as he says? Oh, Lord, that we might listen to you more!