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Personal Testimony

When I was six years old, my parents divorced and my mother and sister and I moved to Texas. My mother took my sister and me to church every Sunday. The other children and I attended Sunday School while the adults went to the service in the chapel. In Sunday school, we learned about the…

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Dreams And Answered Prayer

My wife and I do not have any children (we married late), but we do have three dogs, all of whom we rescued from the pound. In some ways, our dogs are like our children and more than just pets. In 1992, we went to visit my dad and step-mom in Florida. We asked a…

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Our God, Our Guide, And Our Guard

Here is a story about how God watches over us, guides us, and speaks to us. In 1980, my bride-to-be and I were driving to Washington, D.C. to participate in the Washington-for-Jesus rally at the end of April. I had a small pickup truck with a camper shell and a small utility trailer for carrying…

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