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A Chronology Of Gambling Expansion In Ontario

Editor’s note: Unless obviously otherwise, articles in this series against gambling are submitted, not written by, Marie-Lucie Spoke. As Marie-Lucie Spoke writes, “I am not OCAGE. I just direct the e-mail traffic and pull the information together.” Thank you for doing that, which we are all grateful for. We have been blessed. D Parkes. ONTARIO…

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Why Gambling Is Objectionable

WHY GAMBLING IS OBJECTIONABLE Excerpts from a letter by Dr. D. McCormack Smyth Department of Social Science,York UniversityApril, 1994 1. RELIGIOUS REASONS Christianity, Judaism and Islam all oppose gambling in any form because it contributes to the idolization of money as the universal saviour. All Christians, Jews and Muslims who contribute directly or indirectly to…

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North America Under Seige

Good Morning, Ottawa-Carleton, It is sad to say but Ottawa-Carleton is positioned to become the biggest racetrack casino in the province of Ontario and nobody is noticing. Is that what YOU would wish for your area? The democratic process is being by-passed throughout the province and YOU are not making your voice heard. Please read…

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