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Are We Living for Him?

Have you ever heard the saying, “putting God in a box”? I think that some people think they can put God aside while they run amuck and when they think they need Him, or when trouble comes their way, they will pull Him out and ask for some help! The thing we all need to…

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Just Pray

Often we get so busy in our lives that we don’t leave time to pray. I know by personal experience that when I start my day without praying, my day does not go well! God wants us to depend on Him for everything. When we do He will bless us so much. I hear so…

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My Story

There was once a time when I did a lot of run’in and gun’in, doing things that today I’m not so proud of. On top of it all I added drugs and alcohol to my madness. I remember one day walking past the bathroom mirror and not even recognizing the person looking back at me.…

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