Be Prepared!

Now here’s an interesting account of something that actually happened to me while walking down the corridors at work. As I was walking down the corridor, as clear as a whistle, the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘Now just stand there and wait a moment. I have someone for you to meet — just wait.’

So I waited. After all, God spoke. And if God speaks, we must listen!

So I waited. About three people were coming down the corridor in front of me. The clear, unadulterated, ‘unction’ remained for me to just stay put. So I did. The people passed by, and I noticed that I was, at that very moment in time, standing right in front of a door which led to a lab that I had never been to before. At precisely that time, just after the three people passed by, out came a man.

Just as soon as the man opened the door, the Lord said, ‘Start walking!’ So I did. I ‘got the picture.’ This was the man that God wanted me to speak with about his holy word. I would do it. This was a ‘divine setup!’

I began walking ‘with’ the man, right along side of him. As we both walked together, I immediately struck up a casual conversation with him, trusting that God would lead me — after all, he had promised to do just that in his word: ‘Open wide your mouth and I will fill it,’ God had said concerning those who would obey him in this one small task (Psalm 81:10). This was God’s time. I did as he said. I opened my mouth! He filled it!

Amazingly, in just a few moments, we were talking about spiritual things. The conversation just ‘opened up like that,’ without my even trying. This truly was a ‘divine appointment.’ And then, I did something I have never done before at work! I opened up my Bible with the man in the middle of the corridors, reading Scripture to him! Yes, this was God! Virtually the ‘impossible’ happened. I had my pocket Bible in my shirt pocket, and, as it turned out, I was able to lead the man through a portion of the word of God. He was interested. It all just ‘opened up like that,’ because I was prepared. The man heartily agreed to have his name put on our FCET receiver list, and today receives our publications!

Be prepared.

Carry a full pocket Bible with you at all times. You never know when God is going to lead you to speak with someone about his holy and perfect word.

Be ready for God to speak. Expect him to speak. He will. And he will lead you in what you are to say when the time comes. When that time does come, don’t be afraid. For the command given in Psalm 81:10 will then apply to you, and you are to proceed in faith upon him and his word, for he will not fail to accomplish all that is written in it!

‘Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.’ (Psalm 81:10)

Right this moment, there is a person waiting to meet you. God has set it up. But, on your part, you must show eagerness and a readiness to ‘get involved’ when that time comes. Are you ready? Be prepared! And God will do the impossible in your midst.