Bless Me Indeed

Theday had finally arrived in my life that I was going to face majorsurgery. This surgery would take me away from my position at workover a period of six to eight weeks. After informing my manager ofmy medical leave, I began making preparation for one of my associatesto fulfill my duties during my absence. I had been talking to menall across the United States that were in their final stages ofcancer. Every week I would call each of these men to assess theirlevel of pain while taking a new medication. Needless to say,talking with someone week after week, you tend to develop a personalrelationship.


particular week my calls were not only to assess their pain level,but also to let them know that I would be on medical leave over thenext six to eight weeks and that someone new would be calling themweekly. I wanted them to know in advance so they would not feeluncomfortable in any way during my absence. As I was speaking to onegentleman, Mr. Morrison, who lived in San Bernardino, California,informing him of my upcoming absence, he said; “Ellen, would it bealright for me to pray for you before we hang up?” I said”absolutely.” My heart was pierced to the depths of my soul tothink that this man who was dying wanted to pray for me. After hisprayer, I thanked him and told him to take real good care of himselfand I would be talking with him in a few weeks.


returned to work approximately eight weeks later. I began making mycalls. I called Mr. Morrison, and his wife answered. I asked if Icould speak to her husband, when she informed me that he had passedaway just a few weeks prior to my call. I was devastated! I wasalmost speechless. I told Mrs. Morrison how sorry I was to hearabout Mr. Morrison and how much I enjoyed talking with him over theweeks.


thanked me and told me how much he looked forward to my call eachweek. As I hung up the phone, the tears fell uncontrollably down mycheeks. I felt a hand on my shoulder and it was a lady who sat onthe other side of my cubical who had heard my conversation. She cameover to comfort me.


could not for the life of me stop thinking about Mr. Morrisonthroughout the remainder of that day. My heart was so heavy that Iwrote down his number in my personal phone book, and when I arrivedhome that evening I called his wife. I reminded her of who I was andI told her that I had felt led to call her and tell her how much herhusband had meant to me. How he prayed for me and how he had touchedmy life. She was so appreciative. We talked many times from thatpoint on. Wehad so much in common, mainly Jesus Christ. We could just talk andtalk about the Lord and His Truth. As we continued to talk over themonths ahead, we continued to learn more and more about one another.One thing that really spoke to my heart, was her name was Louise,which also happened to have been my mama’s name, and her birthdaywas October 10th,and my mama’s birthday was November 10th.


grew closer and closer to Mrs. Morrison. It helped to fill the voidof losing my own mother several years prior. I ended up sending hera written copy of my personal testimony, along with a few otherarticles, revealing the works of our Lord in my life. Shecalled me to tell me how much they had blessed her heart and wantedmy permission to share them with her congregation. What a blessingthat was to me! I also remember one day in particular, I went to theChristian bookstore to pick up a few cards that I needed. While Iwas in line waiting to check out, I noticed the books displayed onthe best seller rack next to me. I picked up this tiny little booktitled “ThePrayer of Jabez”by Bruce Wilkinson. As I was reading the intro I just about boughtthe book, but I heard this small voice in my spirit say, “You don’tneed to be buying any books right now,” so I put it back on theshelf. I paid for my cards and headed for home. As I drove into mydriveway, I stopped to get my mail out of my mailbox, as I do everyday. I had a small package from Mrs. Morrison. I could hardly waitto get inside and open it to see what she had sent to me. My eyesjust about popped out of my head, it was “The Prayer of Jabez.”She wrote in the front cover: Dear Ellen, May God bless you INDEED!With Love, Mrs. Louise Morrison.


I think not! Needless to say, I called her immediately to tell herwhat had just happened and how the Lord had really used her to makesure that I was able to read that little book. Afterreading that book the Holy Spirit led me to purchase many copies andhave them distributed to each family within my church anonymously.Let’s just say that “The Prayer of Jabez” was the talk of ourchurch for quite some time. What a wonderful little book.


cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me andenlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me fromharm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted hisrequest. (1 Chronicles 4:10)