Blessings In Santa Fe

” … for the LORD will go before you, and the God of Israel will be your rear guard.” (Isaiah 52:12b)

My parents came to visit Santa Fe, New Mexico for three months during the fall of 1997. They invited each of their five children and their families to come and visit. There was no way I could afford the air fare and really wanted to visit them mostly because they had made the invitation.

Well, my dad called and asked when I was thinking of coming out and I told him the middle of September. I was just hoping to borrow money from a friend. He called back to say he wanted to ship me out with his frequent flyer miles! Well … talk about answered prayers!

I came out the middle of September and had the most wonderful time with my parents, in New Mexico and in Santa Fe. We toured, shopped, learned the history and ate the New Mexican cuisine. I fell in love with the place and took home the Albuquerque Journal to look for a job. My parents were relocating here and bought a piece of land to build a house on while I was here.

The Lord certainly works in mysterious ways because in November there was my exact job in the paper for a company in Santa Fe. I faxed my resume and had a phone interview in December and was to fly out for an interview in January. The company decided it was cheaper to keep me for the weekend, so I got another vacation for my interview.

I was so sure I got the job I rented an apartment while I was out here. When I returned I had to wait a week for my offer. I was on “pins and needles” (waiting expectantly) and knew it was in God’s hands. When my offer came in, I notified my manager on my tenth anniversary. I was relocated to Santa Fe by the end of January. My friend drove out with me and stayed for the first week. Everything went so quickly and smoothly it could only have been the Lord.

The hardest part about leaving Rochester was leaving my church. I have yet to find one here and continue my search. I pray that the Lord completes my life here with a church.