Blood That Flows (vision of April 19, 1998)

While I was attending the Life Center on April 19, 1998 (PM Service) it was quite obvious to me that the Holy Spirit was moving in a fresh new way. I was excited. I had been waiting for this move to come to Ottawa for some time — ever since, really, God began to move in my own life in a fresh and exciting way on the afternoon of March 7, 1991, while sitting down in my kitchen, on the phone with another fellow brother. At that time, the Holy Spirit literally poured Himself out into my life, such that rivers of living water began to overflow really, from within. It was a powerful move. Since then (6 years after I was saved in 1985), I have experienced other moves of God, and it is exciting to see what the Lord is doing at the Life Center.

White enjoying the presence of the Almighty God that evening (along with everyone else who was either prostrate on the ground or humbling themselves up at the front), God revealed to me a vision of three clear and fairly rigid thin plastic ‘tubes’. These three tubes were all parallel to one another. They were vertical tubes (up and down) with one or two bends in them (each). Two were the same and one was different. The first two were completely empty. The third, which was right next to it, was full of blood that was gushing out vigorously into the drain or ground. This vision occurred after pastor Boucher had called the people to come to the front who wanted to get right with God, whoever they were. It was at the exact same time as we were all at the front, humbling ourselves.

The vision had actually ended before I realized that I had had it (typical with me). Suddenly, I realized that the Lord had given me a vision. ‘Boom,’ it all came back very clearly (as the Lord kind of ‘woke me up’ from my sleep). The blood part made sense. God was ‘purging our bad blood’ as we confessed our sins and humbled ourselves at the front. I remember how vigorously it flowed! What is also interesting is that, while I did not speak of this vision that evening (except to mention to pastor Boucher briefy that the Lord had shown me bad blood being purged as we confessed our sins), from that moment forward, ‘all eyes and all focus’ at the Life Center was directed towards the blood of Jesus Christ. Suddenly, a man came forward and spoke of a vision the Lord had given him concerning the blood. And, we began to sing of the blood. Clearly, this was a blood evening! But I wasn’t immediately sure about the two other tubes which were completely empty. Then I thought for a while and I pondered this over.

The following, then, is interpretative, and must be taken as such (it is my own interpretation of what I know I saw. I know I saw it, but I’m not so sure of the interpretation). I feel that this is what the Lord is saying.

‘The two empty tubes which are parallel to one another are just like the two barrels of a double-barrelled shot-gun. The double-barrelled shot-gun is designed to put out quite a force — quickly, powerfully — this is why it has two barrels. So, too, are these two tubes — when they get filled with the new blood — that blood will powerfully come in because there are two tubes, as in ‘double-barrelled tubes’ that will enable the cleansing blood of Jesus to rush in with such a force as to have a ‘double-barrelled shot-gun’ effect upon each and every one of our lives (individually, as well as corporately). When the tubes get filled with Jesus’s ‘new blood,’ it will be powerful.’

Secondly, though, I wondered. ‘Lord, why are the tubes empty? I mean, they are completely empty! No blood at all! Why, Lord?’ The following, I believe, is what the Lord would have me share. (Note: I have just been doing some work on my car, so this helps to explain it.)

‘When you clean out the radiator fluid out of a car, you completely empty that radiator of the old fluid before you fill it up again with the new fluid. Or, when you empty the oil out of a car, you completely drain the old oil before filling the car up again with the new oil. Otherwise, you would mix the two fluids, and the new fluid would be made bad by the old fluid. In the same way, the old blood — which is sin, and corruption — must be purged completely before the new blood of Jesus Christ can come in to each and every one of our lives. But the new blood will come.’

The two parallel but still empty tubes, therefore, are inlet tubes, designed to facilitate the ‘bringing in’ of the new blood quickly. God will bring in this new blood, and He will bring it in quickly.

We need to humble oursleves individually, and we need to humble oursleves corporately. As we do so, God will be ‘quick’ to ‘bring in the new life (i.e. blood) that we have been seeking for.’

‘The life is in the blood’ (Leviticus 17:11) — and that blood is the cleansing, purifying, blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This, then, represents the vision I had on the night of April 19, 1998, while attending the Life Center (as we regularly do on Sunday nights). God bless all who read it, and heed it.