Breaking the Yoke of False Responsibility, Part I

In the span of one month, I had two startling, and very similar, dreams. Through my father, I was being weighed down with a weight of responsibility too great to handle. I was buckling under the pressure (I was just a boy in the dream), crying out, “I can’t handle it, I can’t handle it! I just can’t do it!” This was how I felt growing up in my father’s household. The requirements that were put upon us were “just a little more” than we could handle. Most of us, since, and at one time or another, have “broken down” somewhere along the line, because of it. I call this, a “yoke of false resonsibilty.” In other words, being expected to “measure up” to a level of responsibility that we were never intended to handle.

Within about a month of having those dreams, I attended a Vineyard Christian Fellowship Conference. I had still not “solved the problem” of the tremendous “weight” that had been unwittingly put upon me as a child, but at least I had what I feel to be the “divine perspective” of what I went through, as a result of those two dreams. Something inside of me kept on saying, “Those dreams were not by accident. God is trying to show you something.” Because this was a Christian conference, there was lots of prayer that went up to God — people were healed on the spot, in some instances. In many cases, they were not, but God still dealt with them in many areas, and in ways that we can only imagine.

During one of the prayer sessions being held, individuals who felt they needed prayer were asked to stand up, so I stood up, and a few people began to lay their hands on me in the typical Christian fashion (gently, nicely), and pray for me. Then, a little while later, a lady came up from what one might have even termed, “out of nowhere” — and she was a lady well known for her prophetic giftings. I had never met her before, or even heard of her at all, in fact. Likewise, she had never heard of me, or seen me, or knew anything about my situation. But God was very much involved in the situation! I’ll bet you God even spoke to her the same way that he spoke to Samuel one day, when Saul was about to come. “About this time tomorrow, I will send you a man …” Then Saul’s father’s donkeys got lost … and God used that to “lead Saul” where he wanted. Does not leadership belong to God? He can lead us!

In fact, even when she came up to me, she did it from the back, and, to this day, I still don’t know what this wonderful woman looks like! Yet, I do know one thing. As soon as she layed her hand (or hands) on me, she exclaimed, in a loud voice, so that all those around her could hear, “Oh my Lord! This man is suffering from false responsibility!” That, combined with those two dreams that I had had about a month earlier, sunk DEEPLY into my mind and has never left me to this day! I still don’t know who she is, but thank God he sent her! And I could say many more things like these, on the issue of false responsibility.