Breaking the Yoke of False Responsibility, Part II

That lady said it all. God said it all in those two dreams. “This man is suffering from false responsibility!” (See “Breaking the Yoke of False Responsiblity,” Part I). Now when the word is given, you’ve got to ACT upon it, as fast as you can. God does not fool around. He is not expecting you to “wallow” in that word a long time! No! If the word has been given, you’ve got to act on it quickly, and don’t you be the jugde of it! Many people have conveniently gotten themselves out of the word which God gave them, only to their own detriment. I knew the word had been given. It was very clear. God meant business. So, I meant business too. What I am going to tell you, will you believe it?

One night many years ago after that word had been given, I decided to go for a drive in my car … I was slow, you might say, I had “wallowed in that word” a long time! It was now at least 2 years after the word had been given so I know what I’m talking about when I say, “I was slow, and don’t you be like me but get on with it so that you don’t do yourself even more damage.” Well, I had had enough, I can tell you. I felt weighed down with my sins, and weighed down with something even worse — something demonic was resting on my shoulders, and I wanted to get rid of it! All I could think of was, “There’s a yoke of false responsibility resting upon you, it came when you were younger, take that yoke off!” So I went for a good long drive in the car … who cares about time when God is on your side!

I drove and I drove into the country along some highways. I kept shouting out in the car, “You yoke of false responsibility, I’m not going to put up with you any longer! You are done for! You have no right over me! Out of my life now!” I did this for three hours. Oh, they were glorious hours! I remember them well. I also remember the following incident well, which “tops it all off.” God will never let me forget that incident! On the way home, something lifted off of me. Somehow, something was different. It happened exactly 10 minutes before pulling into the driveway, just before I pulled into this convenience store to do what, I can’t remember (maybe make a phone call). And guess what happened when I got home?

When I got in the door, my wife came running to me, “Darling, guess what happened!”

“Huh?” I replied. “I have no idea.”

“About ten minutes ago, (that was when I felt the thing lift off of me), the most amazing occurence happened in our kitchen. I was in the living room, and I heard this amazing wind blowing in our kitchen and then, as if the kitchen door (leading to the balcony) slammed shut, ‘bang’ just like that. It was loud! It frightened me! I went to the kitchen and there was no wind blowing at all, everything perfectly calm and the wind was not even blowing outside … and the kitchen door, well, it was wide open … it had not slammed shut at all!”

When we act in faith, believing God to be working through us, he does! What was all that door slamming about? And what about the great wind? It is easy! It was God — by his powerful Holy Spirit (literally, “wind” in the Greek and in the Hebrew) saying to the devil, “Devil, you will no longer torment and afflict this child of mine! Out of this house at once.” And like the women who never wanted that salesman back, he slammed the door in his face, as if to say, “And stay out!” All this, of course, happened in the spiritual realm. Physically, there was not a thing out of place in our house.