Burdens Lifted

I speak for all of us, I think, when I say that we need to spend more time before the Lord in prayer, yielding ourselves up to him and allowing him to hear our burdens so that we can really be ‘free’ of the stuff that so often weighs us down. I don’t nearly do this enough, but just this past week I had the opportunity to spend a rather extended time before the Lord in prayer. It was just me, the one or two pillows I had, the Bible, and the hardwood floor.

In fact, so desperate was my need for prayer, that I couldn’t get by more than about two sentences in the Word before the Lord spoke to my heart, saying, something like, “Close the Bible now and give me your burdens.” There were just so many of them! As the hours rolled by, the burdens began to get lighter and lighter, one burden at a time. Something began to happen. I began to cry at one point, and the mucous was all over the place, so I had to eventually go to the bathroom to get some toilet paper to blow my nose with. And then again. That time I brought back a roll with me to the room.

Slowly, I was getting empty — not only of mucous, but of burdens that had been weighing me down. Oh, so many overwhelming burdens! Eventually, around the end of the prayer time, I felt something like a ray of God’s love being poured down upon me, a glitter in God’s eyes as it were, that said to me in some type of tangible way (apart from all the crying) that God had heard me, and that, yes, I had prayed what he wanted me to pray that day.

By the way, the type of crying I am talking about is not despairing crying. That type of crying doesn’t benefit, as we read in the Bible, “For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation not to be repented of: but the sorrow of the world worketh death.” (2 Corinthians 7:10) The type of crying I am talking about is the type of crying that leads to a wonderful new sense of liberty and freedom, so that your spirit is released from all of the bondage that it has been trying to hang on to.

I have to admit, prayer is not always that emotional. And I do not usually allocate so much time for it either. But this day was special. I had been ‘alerted’ to the fact that I had burdens that needed to be released. And, my oh my, they were. A new power came over me the next day and beyond, up until the present time, and I attribute it back to that prayer time for sure.

I’ll do it again! The benefits were just awesome! I had a new self-control. A new ability to love others, which was so evident when I walked into work on the Monday morning, and a completely new peace was upon me. I said to myself, “What manner of peace is this, pretel?” And a voice, ever so subtle, answered me back, saying, “Remember the prayer time?” I’ll do it again for sure. I’ll make this time of deep cleansing and burden releasing a regular habit, for the benefit of all.