But the Greatest of These Is Love

If I invite a spirit in as a result of participating in a sceance, then I have invited that spirit to come live inside of me (I may not have literally asked the spirit to come ‘inside’ me, but neverthless, by partaking in the sceance, it has done what it was given permission to do, that is, to come inside me). That can, and does, happen in an instant. Before you know it, you are demonized. If you are extremely sensitive — but you won’t be, if you are partaking in a sceance — then you may even “feel” the demon coming inside. To rid yourself of that demon, well, I must say, it would not be a very big problem if you were a believer. All you would have to do would be to call on the name of Jesus, and confess your sin. By that act of humility, God would set you free from the power of that demon.

Now the real problem occurs when you have partaken in a sceance, or whatever, and the demon has come to live inside of you, and you have learned to “abide” with that demon and accept its presence inside of you. You have given liberty to that demon. You have accepted its presence inside of you. And this can go on for years and years and years. Because of the presence of that demon, you may learn a few ‘tricks’. You may notice ‘special powers’ that seem to bring you favor with people. For example, the ‘water witch’ that finds water beneath the ground by way of divination — and he does not confess Christ as Lord — this man is demonized and is invoking the presence of demons when he does this. He enjoys a ‘special power’ that no one else seems to have. And he gets rewarded for it (people pay him to find water, which he can do 100 times out of 100).

Now the more you have learned to ‘abide’ with that demon, the more opposition you are going to find in ‘breaking free’ from that demon, for it has successfully made its home inside of you and is not prone to giving that up. Now take for example our Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing is too difficult for him, so that if he were to challenge that demon, the man in whom the demon resided might scream and shriek and, all of sudden, he would be delivered of the demon. The problem is that, in the church, there is a great lack of this “power” which we saw and read about in the gospels, precisely because we are failing to abide in Christ and do what he says. We are disobedient and rebellious; thus, we don’t have the power to perform deliverances on such people, often. Or, if we do have the power to perform deliverances on such people, a greater problem meets with us still: that is, the person himself is not ‘ready’ to receive freedom from his bondages. This is a very real scenario. The person has learned to ‘abide so much’ in the presence of the demon, that he has literally ‘taken on’ its character.

The man in our story needs a character change. He’s not going to get free of his demon unless he first learns not to ‘abide’ in the strength of the demon. “And now abideth faith, hope, charity [love], these three; but the greatest of these is charity [love].” (1 Corinthians 13:13)