Cc Sharing: A Call to Purity – Reflections From Campus Challenge 2002

Looking back, I was too consumed to comprehend all that was happening as we laid hands and prayed that Sunday night. Although I did not even know all the names of the brothers that night, as we cried out there was a unity in our humility and worship before God, unlike anything I had experienced before.

What made this conference different from others was that God didn’t just speak to each of us individually, but that we left knowing we had experienced God together. I praise God for His Spirit breaking through this weekend, and I commend all the men who came on stage to take a stand for purity. God has brought such conviction to my heart on this issue over the years, I feel the need to reiterate and add to a few thoughts that I mentioned.

I have no doubt that the sins revealed that night is just a small sampling of what plagues our entire generation. Extending from sexually immoral relationships, to pornography, to masturbation, to lustful thoughts, men are being held in bondage especially to these sins. We are bombarded daily with images from the media and have allowed Satan to gain a foothold. These sins are poisoning the body of Christ and Christian men are dropping like flies. We are often found busy struggling with God’s will in our lives, when we know for certain one thing God wants, is that we “be holy” (1 Peter 1:15), (1 Thessalonians 4:3-5). We need to adopt God’s standard of purity in our lives (see Ephesians 5:3, 1 Corinthians 6:18).

Next steps

After what was shared, I pray that we don’t carry on as if it never happened. As uncomfortable as it may seem, we need to press on in our conversations, and hold each other accountable. We give Satan power when we refrain from sharing and fight our battles alone. Too often have I heard of the vicious cycle of men coming clean with God, sinning in secret, and finally crawling back to God feeling even more guilty. Accountability and the prayers of our community is the only effective way of breaking the cycle (James 5:16).

I pray that this spirit of authenticity and vision for purity spreads throughout our churches. Take a stand in your fellowship, or gather up a small group, or even just share with a brother, let’s just not sit on what God has revealed. We only close our hands to God’s grace when we hide our sins.

A Caveat

One word of caution with all the declarations of purity we made. Self-imposed rules and disciplines will not work. I’ve been humbled and have come to realize over the last while, that I can’t change myself, and only God can change me. There’s something in the heart that needs fixing and it is a God thing. Don’t let your personal quest for purity take the place of your relationship with God. Or else it becomes a form of lust in itself. We need to continue seeking the Blesser and not simply His blessings of purity. I pray we all become so consumed with Christ that there no longer remains any room in our lives for sin.

Some brothers have shared with me their fears of how people may view them following confession. If we are to truly become a community of Christ, we also need to pray for understanding, particularly with the sisters. Sisters, we need your support and prayers as well.

Brothers, we need to follow-up. God’s doing something big here, and if you would like to respond to this call to purity, e-mail me and I’ll send you more info.

Praise God for what He’s been doing!