Christmas Selections

A Christmas Poem
By Charlie Baker

“Twas the night before Christmas and into the town

Came a husband and wife of little renown.
They came for the taxing and lodging they sought
But room at the inn just couldn’t be bought.

The wife, ‘though quite tired, knew she would be blessed,

For soon Baby Jesus would feed at her breast
So when room was found in a stable’s soft hay
She gratefully rested to wait the Lord’s day.

That night came a light, over meadows it spread,

The shepherds who saw it were filled with great dread
But an angel of God said: “There’s nothing to fear!
Be joyful! A Saviour, The Christchild is here!”

With haste they went searching and, as had been said,

They found our Lord sleeping, a manger His bed,
With gladness they worshipped, as we all should, too.
Our Saviour’s alive! God’s promise is true!

No Room At The Inn

By Charlie Baker

They came to the Inn, their manner so mild,

And ‘though could be seen she was heavy with child,
“No room at the Inn!”, is what they were told
And so, in a stable, away from the cold;
There, in the midst of the sweet smelling hay,
Our Lord, Jesus Christ, ushered in a new day.

How often have you, when asked if there’s space,

In the Inn, that is you, for the Spirit of Grace;
Rather that o’pning the door of your heart
And letting His Spirit give you a new start,
You’ve blithely replied: “There’s not room at this Inn!”;
You’ve refused to allow Jesus Christ to come in?