Conviction Or Condemnation?

During our intercessory prayer group meeting, the subject of conviction and sanctification was briefly discussed by our leader. In the process of discussing it with another of our team members, he preached a powerful and tremendously useful sermon over a period of about five minutes. His words were directly from the Lord and they need to be heard by every Christian who is trying to grow in the Lord.

And, as the Lord leads His Church through the process of sanctification, many of us are falling under conviction. If we are willing to receive it and change, we quickly modify our behavior and fall into line with God’s plan for our life. If, however, we are disobedient – refusing to change or we procrastinate, we then leave a door wide open for Satan. He continuously watches us, looking closely for any opportunity to impede or stop our progress. He is like a roaring lion looking to see whom he can devour. Nothing has changed in the last six thousand years. If we balk at the Holy Spirit’s conviction, Satan will use the opportunity to attack us.

His attack will, as is often the case, be in the form of a perversion of God’s work. He will take the Holy Spirit’s conviction that we have ignored and very subtly and slowly twist it into condemnation. When he does that, two things immediately happen to us. Under our self-imposed, Satanically generated condemnation, we lose our joy (and our joy is our strength – Nehemiah 8:10), and with that, our ability to overcome the particular obstacle or sin that we have come up against. We are effectively standing at a mountain that represents our sin. It blocks our progression to sanctification and we are now unable to easily overcome it. We cannot see over it or around it. The longer we allow ourselves to be in that state, the harder it is to get around or to move the mountain.

The correction is easy once you have been enlightened and understand what has happened to you. Rebuke Satan and his spirit of condemnation. Take charge of your life in the name of Jesus Christ. Remember that when Jesus said ‘It is finished’ (John 19:10) His work was done so we can’t ask or expect Him to do our portion of the work involved in our sanctification. It’s up to you, not Him to get you around or over the mountain. Paraphrased, He told us that If we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can move mountains (Matthew 17:20). He has already given you the power and authority to overcome the sin. Simply claim it in His name. When you’re given your next mole hill by the Holy Spirit, don’t procrastinate and let Satan turn it into a mountain.

Dear Jesus, please help me to remember that you finished your work on the cross at Calvary. It’s now up to me. Although you have already provided a path around every hill and mountain in my life, through your grace, it is me who must turn to the left or to the right and step forward. I thank you for the blessing that awaits me on the other side of this mountain and I claim the victory in this situation in your precious and holy name. Amen.