Creation Scientists are Abundant

One of the many lies used to defend evolution is the statement that no real scientist believes in creation. Shown below are abbreviated biographies and quotes of just a few of the myriad qualified scientists who reject evolution. Dr. Russell Humpheys estimates that in spite of heavy indoctrination from public education, “it’s a conservative estimate that there are in the U.S.A. alone around 10,000 practicing scientists who are Biblical creationists.”

Scientist Qualifications Quote
Dr. Russell Humphreys Ph.D. Physics, working at Sandia National Lab. on particle beam fusion and winner of several scientific awards. “(The facts of science) support a recent Creation and go strongly against the idea of billions of years which theistic evolutionists uphold.”1
Dr. Danny Faulkner Ph.D. Astronomy, teaches physics and astronomy at Univ. of S. Carolina, has published several dozen papers in astronomy & astrophysics journals. “(I believe) the universe is 6 to 8 thousand years old … we have a very clear indication from scripture that creation took place in six ordinary days.”2
Dr. John Baumgardner Ph.D. Geophysics, working at Los Alamos Nat. Lab. on modeling of interior earth movement, winner of NASA’s grand challenge project for high performance computing. “To make sense of the world as the Bible lays it out, does not allow for millions of years, but does require that there be a catastrophe which destroyed all air-breathing land life except for that preserved in Noah’s ark.”3
Dr. Andrew Snelling Ph.D. Geology, numerous published papers on a variety of geological topics, from coal formation to uranium deposits. “The flood was a global event, therefore we should expect to find global patterns of sedimentation, volcanic activity, mineral deposits, etc.” 4
Dr. Eric Norman Ph.D. Biochemistry, Asst. Professor of research and medicine at Univ. of Cinn., has published numerous scientific papers, pioneer in vitamin B12 research. “Evolution is just plain unscientific. It violates the laws of chemistry including the second law of thermodynamics, the laws of probability, and information theory.5
Dr. Donald DeYoung Ph.D. Physics, Chairman of Physical Science at Grace College, member of the Indiana Academy of Science; teaches mathematics. “…I would be very cautious about accepting the ‘big bang’ and trying to fit it into the book of Genesis … what encourages me in my Creation view is not outdated – it’s good science.”6
Dr. Raymond Damadian Inventor of the MRI, National Tech. Metal winner, National Inventors Hall of Fame inductee. “Rejection of (the Bible’s) account of creation … is basic to the spiritual, social, and economic sickness of our times.”7
Dr. Jonathan Sarfati Ph.D. Physical Chemistry with extensive training in mathematics, geology, physics. Co-authored papers on superconductors. “90 percent of the methods that have been used to estimate the age of the earth point to an age far less than the billions of years asserted by evolutionists.”8
Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith Earned doctorates in three scientific disciplines including organic chemistry and biology. He has written 30 books, directed a pharmaceutical co., and taught extensively. “[evolution’s] influence has not been gained by displaying a knowledge of the fundamentals of modern science but by propaganda of a rather subtle sort.” 9

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