Curve Ball

You never know when a chance to share the gospel is going to come out of left field (hence, the name of this article, “Curve Ball”). Not only that, you never know how God is going to use a good night’s work (working on the web and all, and without much sleep), and turn that around for his utter glory. I say, “Turn that around,” because, admittedly, I had been feeling rather worn out physically as a result of staying up late the night before. Because I stayed up so late, my eyes were rather red. I had been feeling the “sting” in my eyes all day, and decided that it was time to “make sure” that they were not getting worse than they already were. So I decided to go to the washroom to check them out. By this time, it was about 5:00 p.m. … closing time.

At the washroom, I quickly glanced in the mirror and had a look at my eyes. Yup, red they were, but not too red. I would survive. I quickly noticed that one of my colleages was in the washroom, as well. I don’t think I was in the washroom more than about 10 seconds, really (all I did was sneak a peek at my eyes). But lo and behold, God would use the fact that I had pained eyes for his utter (and amazing) glory. It was as though the man in the washroom had been “waiting for a long time” in order to speak with me. He dashed out of the washroom and flagged me down, as it were. He wanted to know about God. He wanted to know about heaven and hell. He wanted to know if I believed in re-incarnation. He wanted to talk with me about Buddhism (something he himself believed in).

I found his conversation genuinely interesting. I felt the Lord saying to me, “Listen to him. He’s got stuff to share with you. Find agreement where possible, for there are many areas in which he is right, or at least partially right, and you need to establish your lines of communication with him, such that he knows that you acknowledge that he knows a lot. Then, things will unfold. You don’t have to try very hard at all. Just let me do it. And I will be the One to make everything work out all right.” With that sense of assurance, I proceeded to share with this wonderful creation of God, who did not, as of yet, know the Lord and Savior who bought him. In my spirit, I felt a love for this man, a deep, heartfelt, love, for a man whom I could see was “just like myself” in many ways. I felt a very gentle, humble, spirit, in our midst. I felt the Holy Spirit. I felt grace. Most of all, I felt the liberty to share with this man, who hunted me down as though I was his lifeline.

Minutes turned into tens of minutes, and, before you knew it, we had been standing there for about 30 minutes, freely talking about spiritual issues. And all this at my place of work — that place where some people say it is not possible to share one’s faith. But this was different. I had not “evangelized” per se. I had not even “reached out.” But, yes, I had prayed for this man before. I had prayed for them all. And God was just doing his part by “arranging the circumstances” in such a way that everything would “fit together and work out for the good.” Good was happening. This man was questioning. This man was w-i-d-e open (as open as I’ve ever seen in my life about sharing about spiritual things). This man was also a very smart man. But there was a deceiver in his midst. It was my job, as a servant of the living God, to try and help him see clearly, amidst the more “general” revelation that he had received, but which, perhaps, he had not interpreted properly.

For example, at one point along the way, he shared with me that Buddhist monks pray in a certain way. If they are “highly approved” then they will just “disappear”, leaving behind them this very “human looking, small statue, which looks very much like the Monk who disappeared.” I wondered about this. As a Christian, I was not ready to embrace this, but I nevertheless added, “That is very interesting.” Then, feeling that it was my duty to help the man see that perhaps he was deceived, I added the words, “Have you ever seen a man disappear like that?” “No,” my friend replied, “I never have. But I have been told by others that it is true.” Interestingly, about twenty minutes before that time, I had shown him a scripture passage (from the small Bible that I carry in my back pocket), and had read to him the words of Genesis 3:13, “… the serpent deceived me …” (we had been talking about Adam and Eve, and how sin came through our first parents, a discussion which he found thoroughly interesting). So in this manner, we carried on our conversation. I was particularly attentive to all that he had to say about Buddhism, and assured him that I would like to continue our conversation on another day, since I could sense that it was time to “wind it down”.

I could sense that God was at work. And God is at work. He’s at work through you and me. I want to assure you all today, that, as you start your day, to be confident that God is with you. You may not realize it, but he is. He is working through you to convince those that don’t know him that you’ve got “something tremendous” that they don’t have. Be blessed. Go about your business. And expect God to do great things in your midst. He will.