Darkness Exposed, Part 1

Some time ago – this must have been about 3 o’clock in the morning – I was working at my computer on the web management system that the Lord has had me develop these past years, when I distinctly sensed there was someone, or something, looking over my shoulder not more than about two feet from where I was sitting. Now my wife was asleep in bed, and so were my children, two floors up. And here I was in the basement, all alone. Or, was I?

I remember turning my head, and looking over my shoulder, and realized there was a demon there looking at what I was doing. Suddenly I felt an unction from the Holy Spirit, and I began to speak out against this demon. Remember, this is faith! You can’t wait until the scientific evidence is in to prove that’s it’s a demon. You have to run with it based on what you sense is happening. It’s called moving in the Spirit. Some people don’t like it. They say it’s too emotional. I say, “deal with it now, the best you can, and let the judgment come in later as to whether or not it was really a demon.” Read on. I think you’ll be surprised. And please, don’t laugh. You’re just displaying your ignorance when you do. This stuff is serious. It’s the type of stuff the church needs to get a hold of.

I was filled with the Holy Spirit, and mysteriously, I knew where the demon was at all times, even though I could not physically see this thing. It’s kind of like knowing what 8 x 7 is without having to do the math, because you simply “know” the answer. In the same way, I “knew” where this demon was. There was some sort of thing going on, where the Holy Spirit was “waging war” or “doing battle” against this demon, and He was using me to do it (that, by the way, is a very biblical principle – we are ambassadors for Christ, so whatever we do, we do in Christ’s name “on His behalf”). And, of course, there IS a real live spiritual warfare going on, at any minute (or second) of the day. Believe it or not, men and women’s souls hang in the balance at any given time. Sometimes I think we are much too pacifistic to really consider that (I would consider myself to be in this category quite often, much to my own dismay). At any rate, here I was, “waging war”, and I really do not consider it to have been myself who was “waging war” but the Holy Spirit who resides in me. “It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me”, Paul said in Galatians 2:20. Thus, I was physically moving about, praying against this demon, as the demon also moved – though I could not see it with my physical eyes. You might ask, “Are you really certain you were chasing a demon?” Actually, my level of certainty is 100%. If Christ actually lives WITHIN YOU, it is totally amazing what happens. You do believe that as a Christian, Christ’s Spirit lives WITHIN YOU, right? Think of the implications. Still, it makes none of us infallible. Plus, may I remind you all, that God requires us all, whether great or small, to rely on faith. You are never going to have all the answers in everything you do. It requires the willingness to walk by faith.

Now here’s a real touchy point, and it regards speaking in tongues. Is tongues real or not? I say, it’s absolutely real and my wife who formerly disagreed for years would readily agree because of how this gift has impacted her in her own spiritual walk. Plainly put, if you fellowship in circles where tongues is denied, you will end up denying it yourself. It’s plain to see. There is always a wrestling match for people who do not believe in tongues to ‘come out’ and believe it, because it’s spiritual warfare at the highest level. Here’s why. Once you break the ‘tongues’ barrier, you realize anything is possible, including prophecy, miracles, and a whole lot more. God is no longer limited (like many of the more conservative minded Christian groups would have you believe). Once God is not limited, it spells deep trouble for Satan’s kingdom. So don’t be surprised when a well-meaning Christian tells you that you are wrong and that tongues is not for today. They do mean well, really. But of course, they are dead wrong. Just pray for them. The problem they have is a spiritual one that in many ways will not be broken by repeated discussion. (It is a spiritual stronghold that must be dealt with using spiritual weapons which includes teaching the word of God but also includes prayer as a foundation. See Ephesians 6.)

At any rate, I began to speak in tongues. It proved to be a truly invaluable defense in dealing with this demon. I could honestly say that I could not even write this article or tell you of the victory if it were not for gift of tongues. The “warfare” started out in the basement, but I eventually climbed the steps and went to the first floor, still following this thing and praying against it. It was awesome (to me) to see how utterly accurate the Lord was in giving me the discernment to know exactly where this spirit was at any given time.

At last, it was done. The spirit was expelled from the house. I knew this because a beautiful rest came upon the house – it is the rest that I have come to know is from God. And whenever that rest is not there, I enter into prayer. Now you might ask, “Was there some sin that allowed it to come in?” That is possible in the case of demons. In this case, however, it was not so. This demon arrived as an intruder to investigate what I was working on, on the computer. In other words, it was sent on assignment rather than because of sin. It’s kind of like when the devil met Jesus face to face and tempted Him. There was no sin present. Yet he was still able to be in the presence of Jesus.

Surely the devil or one of his messengers can come when sin is present. But he can also come when sin is not present, if what you are doing is sufficiently interesting to him, and particularly if it is a threat to his kingdom. Now what I am working on is a web management system that will be used to provide high tech web solutions for many people who are seriously interested in making an impact for the kingdom of God. My aim is to provide an easily affordable solution for people who otherwise would not be able to afford it. And THAT is a threat to the devil’s kingdom, you can be sure of that!

I proceeded then to go upstairs to bed. By this time, it was around 4:00 a.m. I got into bed, with my wife beside me. Now my wife knew NOTHING of what had just happened because she had been asleep the whole time. She was also on a totally different floor (the second floor) and had no knowledge of what had just transpired during the last hour or so. AND YET, when I got into bed, I woke her up a little bit, and after about five minutes, she turned, half asleep, and said to me, in a very concerned manner, “I think you had better check the house.” “Why?” I replied. “I don’t know, but I think someone is looking inside!” she replied. To me, this was a very clear confirmation that everything that I had just experienced was very real, and that someone from Satan’s kingdom really was “looking inside” the house. Of course, at this point, there was absolutely no need to worry. The word that my wife gave was merely intended as confirmation from the Lord that I really was hearing, and listening, and “perceiving” properly. So I was able to confidently tell my wife, “Have no fear. Everything is under control.”

And such ended the day. It was now time to get some rest so I could begin a afresh the next day.

Stay tuned for more!