Darkness Exposed, Part 2

Are you suffering from demonic attack or infiltration in your house? Here is how to proceed if you’re not sure what to do. The point of this exercise is to pray over EACH room, anointing the rooms in one specific location with oil (which represents the Holy Spirit) and then proceeding from “room to room” until you have gone through the entire house. This practice is used by many Christians and has proven to be a very powerful practice in my own life, often producing immediate results and, on numerous occasions, leading to revelation from the Father.

An example is that it was through this procedure that, when I was praying through another man’s apartment in which there was a battle going on in this man’s relationship with his wife, that the Lord clearly showed me a vision of an object which was bringing about a curse in the relationship. The object was a wedding gift that had been given to the man’s wife in her PREVIOUS marriage which she had held onto and which was actually sitting on the floor not far from where I was standing. I described what I had seen in the vision to the man, and then the man proceeded to show me the item which was then later destroyed.

It was also through this same practice, in my own house one day, as I was passing by a picture of my father, getting ready to pray over a room, that the Lord stopped me and spoke to me about praying a prayer of thanksgiving over my father (who had died and was with the Lord). When I did this, an IMMEDIATE peace fell on the entire house. I have experienced “immediate” results like this on almost every occasion I have prayed over the house.

The potential good that this practice can bring about is NOT to be under-estimated. You are encouraged to practice this as often as you feel this is necessary.

There are some people who will be reading this who absolutely need to hear this and put this into action. Do not delay. It could mean the difference between spiritual and/or relationship and/or emotional “life” and “death”.

Here’s how to proceed! These are guidelines. Tailor them to suit your own specific needs as you feel the Lord is leading you (as long as you keep it properly aligned with the Scriptures).

1. Take a small dish and put some oil on it.

2. Ask God in a very simple prayer to lead you throughout the house.

3. Move forward from room to room, in faith, choosing just ONE spot in EACH room to pray over. You are just choosing one representative spot in that room to pray over; you don’t need to anoint each and every nook and cranny in the room.

4. Having chosen your spot (my suggestion is the top part of the door frame), take a small dab of oil and touch the wall and wait for the Holy Spirit to give you the words to speak. You may say, “How do I know?” The answer is, “Let faith arise in your heart. And when you have faith to speak, then speak. Trust that God is leading you, and take it
from there. At that point, your prayer could last several seconds, or several minutes, depending on what God has given you to pray about.” When faith arises in your heart, we call it “unction”. It’s possible, after waiting let’s say thirty seconds, that you feel no unction. If you feel no unction, move on to the next room and keep moving until you
feel the unction. Remember, God is leading you. Trust him.

5. When you have found a room where there is a real “flow” in terms of your prayers, you are now entering into the Lord’s burden for that specific room and/or situation associated with that room. Remember, it is not YOUR burden, but the LORD’s burden. Because it is GOD’s burden, He will reveal it to you. You can really trust Him to do that. There is just NO POINT in praying until genuine faith arises in your heart. As a word of encouragement, God is more interested in giving you His burden than you are in receiving it. You know that there is a burden when faith arises in your heart.

6. Pray through the burden ENTIRELY, no matter how long it takes. It may take one minute, or it may take several minutes. In some rare cases, it may take tens of minutes, or half an hour or more. Do not be in a rush to pray, otherwise, you may miss the Lord’s burden. And that means missing the blessing that God wants to pour out on you as a result of your obedience. So don’t miss it!

7. Having finished praying in one room, move on to the other rooms. Depending on what the Lord wants to do in and through you at this particular time, He may or may not lead you to pray through each room in the house. Generally speaking, I believe you SHOULD move to EACH room in the house (including halls, and large storage rooms) UNLESS you sense the Lord leading you to stop at this time. However, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there IS liberty. That means there is liberty NOT to pray through each room, if it is the Lord’s will, or, perhaps to pray in MORE than one area in each room (but it has not been my general experience that the Lord leads me to more than one specific area in a room).

When should you pray through your house, anointing the rooms with oil? This is a good question. The short answer is, “as often as you want”. Each person is different and each situation is different. I suppose the correct answer is, “when you have faith to”.

On one occasion, I remember I experienced some difficulty or conflict in my spirit with regards to my son. I prayed over the house and the Lord showed me my son’s bed-spread which had, at that time, an evil-eyed super hero boldly imprinted on it. The Lord said very clearly to get rid of it – that that item had no business being in the house. So I took the item back to the store and the peace in the house was immediately restored. This is a good example of the power of anointing the rooms with oil. It’s one example among many that could be given.

The Christian home today is under attack! Use the weapons that have been given to you by God to bring it back to a place of joy, peace, love, and contentment.

“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.” (2 Corinthians 10:3-4)