Dealing with Past Hurts, Part II

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28).

If a person is emotionally wounded in their heart, it provides a “gateway” for the devil to afflict them and torment them. The devil, in a sense, is given “permission” by God to torment and afflict the person, because the person has not yielded all their pain up to God. The devil, then, is God’s chosen instrument in order to bring “revelation” to the person that something is wrong, and needs correcting. It is important to yield our pain up to God. If it is not yielded upward (to God) through the letting go process that comes with proper grieving and mourning for that which has been lost (e.g. a lost relationship, a lost parent, a lost child, a lost opportunity), and through true heart fellowship with God and His people (Spirit-filled Christians), then it often, if not always, gets directed both inwardly (towards ourselves) and outwardly (towards others), in a very unholy and destructive way, the effects of which may include depression, disease, suicidal tendencies, bitter relationships, confusion, lack of clear direction, fear which prevents a person from stepping out in faith and doing God’s will, and many many more things like these.

Another consequence of this is that a person with a wounded heart often gets confused as to when God is really speaking to them. Briefly, the reason has to do with the sense of “compulsion to perform” that is invariably set up in these people’s hearts. They feel compelled to perform based on a wrong image of God — which is intertwined with the deception that comes from incubating hurt in the heart. Oh, it is all intertwined! This also opens the gate for them to be confused about what God is really saying to them at any given time. The only option, then, is for them to “let that pain go” which is really the reason why they are so bound up emotionally. They are bound up emotionally, not because of the pain which they once suffered, but because of the decision to keep that pain inside of them, and not yield it up to God. We may all find ourselves in this category from time to time — some more, some less, depending on a variety of factors. We need to follow Jesus’s example of Hebrews 5:7. He came before God with “loud crying and tears” the passage says, and God heard Him, because of His “reverent submission.” This is one of God’s primary ways of bringing about healing and restoration to a hurting heart. It worked for Jesus. It can — and does — work for us, as well.

The wounded person, then, very often gets confused between the devil’s voice, his own inner voice, and God’s voice. Beware! Notice how many people there are who claim that “God has told them something” — people walking around on the street, disillusioned. They are also very wounded people and are in need of a great amount of love (which they have really not received in life). The gate to the demonic world is opened in their hearts due to their woundedness and refusal to truly offer up their pain to God — the devil speaks clearly to them, and “mimics” the voice of God, saying, “You are to do such and such.” Yes, there are many demonically inspired people around — all of them wounded, all of them “taken captive” to do the devil’s will, all of them refusing to talk with God and share with Him their deepest heart burdens. We need to set the example of Christ for such people. We ourselves need to ask Him humbly to heal us — let the tears roll, if necessary — so that we can then “go out” and be “agents of change” for all those who need healing — and there are many of them.