Divination Prohibited

“There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.” (Deuteronomy 18:10)

Recently, at a party, a man held a key dangling by a string, over a pregnant woman. He said, “I can tell if your baby will be a boy or a girl based on the movement of the key.”

The man believed that there are ‘forces’ at work which cause the key to move in a certain way. He believed that they are ‘natural’ forces that have to do with the baby. If the baby was a boy, then it would exert these forces differently than if it was a girl.

Now compare this to another man I once met, a business man. I went out for breakfast with this man (this would have been before I was a Christian) and he too held an object (perhaps it was a key or some other similar object) suspended in the air using a string and he said, “If the object moves in one direction, then my answer will be ‘yes’ (to invest, or to make some important business decision), and if it moves in the other direction then it will be ‘no’.” And that is how this man made some of his most important business decisions. And the man was very rich. It seemed to work.

Now this man also had a ‘natural’ explanation for what was happening. He believed, and told me, that his subconscious mind ‘knows’ what the right answer is, and swinging the object (as in a pendulum) was a means of ‘finding out’ what his subconscious mind already knew. The ‘force’ at work in this case was the ‘force’ of his subconscious mind. In the first instance, you will remember, the ‘force’ that caused the pendulum to move was the ‘force’ being generated by the baby.

Now my question is this: Is this right? Would God have us doing things like this?

I would suggest to you that, even though they are not always called that by those who practice them, that these things are actually forms of divination. In short, the practice of divination is to practice knowing something, or obtaining knowledge about something, in a way that involve methods that do not correspond to the laws of physics, neither is God brought into the picture, but a method, apart from God, using supernatural forces, is used. The glory does not go to God, but instead, the glory is directed towards the objects, and the one who is performing the divination, as though he were the one in whom the power dwelt.

For example, if I use a compass to find out where north is, I am obtaining knowledge in accordance with the laws of physics. I am not using divination in this case. However, I would suggest to you that the first two cases mentioned — finding out the sex of the baby, and making an important business decision — do not actually involve the laws of physics but may deceptively be invoking powers from the dark side, instead. Remember, God is not at all being brought into the picture here. The ‘answer’ is seen to be in the objects themselves (the pendulums) and in the ones who are using them.

Furthermore, a person may be utterly sincere in their attempts to use the pendulum in order to gain their answers. No one is questioning their sincerity. And, yes, they may also believe that God is the One is who is enabling them to do it. They may even pray before doing it and claim Jesus as their Savior. But, unfortunately, such persons may not have as close a walk with God as they may wish they had and are still deceived.

As a case in point, please consider the following. You have probably heard the term “water diviner” or … as they are sometimes called, “water witches” … for good reasons.

Water witches are people who can find water underground by the use of some instrument, often a branch of a tree. They hold the branch in a particular way and when they walk around, the branch ‘pulls’ downward towards the ground when there is water underneath. And it really works, too. These people do find water.

Now we are not just whisting dixie here, we are talking about something that is very real.

I know.

I did it when I was just a little boy.

When I was young, a ‘water witch’ ‘passed on’ that power to me, for about three days. I felt the POWER in that rod! It was NOT God’s power! The man did NOT give God the glory!

For three days, I could ‘divine’ water. Then, the power disappeared. I thought it was because I did not have a fresh branch, so I tried cutting a new branch, but it didn’t work! My mother, I believe it was, spoke with the elderly man about this, who told her, “Yes, I knew that would happen (that your son would lose this power).”

How did he know? Well, he is a water witch. Some powers are at work in him that are not holy. He ‘knows’ certain things but his ‘knowledge’ does not come from God!

My question is this: when we swing pendulums over tables in an effort to get our sub-conscious mind to ‘tell us’ the answer to a question, or when we do the same in order to find out the sex of a child, are we not playing in the devil’s back yard, and will we not reap what we sow?

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.” (Galatians 6:7-8)