Divine Appointments

God is so good. My Aunt who is 89years old and lives with her daughter & husband in asmall town about 45 minutes from me was hospitalized and told she didnot have long to live. She was on my heart so heavy thatThursday morning as I was getting ready for work. I knew I hadto go see her when I got off work that evening because I could notget rid of that heaviness and urgency within me. All I knew was thatI had to talk to her about Jesus before she died. You see, this Auntand her two daughters were very close to me when I was a child. Myparents would take me and we would go spend one weekend out of theevery month with them. There was one cousin in particular that I wasextremely close with growing up. She was at least twenty years olderthan I and when we’d visit, she’d always spend all of her timewith me and I loved going to visit. As I got grown, our familyceased to visit as much. Daddy had died and I had moved away fromhome, not to mention they were all STRONG Jehovah Witnesses and Ididn’t believe what they believed. Long story short, we driftedapart over the years as far as visiting but my love for themremained, especially my favorite older cousin.

White driving to the hospital that

Thursday afternoon, I prayed and asked Jesus to not let anyone bethere with her when I arrived so I could talk to her. He answeredthat prayer immediately. There wasn’t a soul there when I arrivedand I was able to go in and talk to her. She was totallydependent on oxygen as she was not able to breathe with out it.The oxygen mask covered her entire nose and mouth. I touchedher hand and she opened her pretty blue eyes and said with hertrembling voice, Ellen Ann, you look so pretty! I thanked herand told her that she had been heavy on my heart and mind ever sinceI got up that morning. I told her that when I got off work thatI knew I had to come see her. I said, ya know, I became veryimpatient as I left work, wanting to swing by my house to change myshoes and fix me a glass of water for the ride when all of a sudden Iwas stopped by a train. It was so slow and I found myselfgetting very agitated when all of a sudden, I relaxed and said “ThankYou Lord,” this train could be protecting me from somethinghappening up the road. I really believe that was exactly thecase!! Can’t begin to tell you how I felt when I ran up on anaccident that had just occurred not even 15 minutes prior to myarrival. It could have been me!!! An SUVbroadsided a car and it was torn up bad, even the SUV was tornup!! I started Praising Jesus and Thanking Him for Hisprotection. I felt such confirmation that I was headed to dowhat He wanted me to do.

As I continued to talk to my Aunt, I

said, you know we’ve always had different beliefs but thetime has come that you are going to come face to face with ourCreator and I can’t let you do that without talking to you aboutJesus. I told her that I knew she believes in God but I wantedher to know that she had nothing to loose by asking Jesus into herheart and telling Him she accepts Him as her Lord and Savior. Isaid, hadn’t you rather accept Him now rather than to wait, onlyto find out when you leave this world that you were wrong?She said yes. I pray I got through to her. She was sotired. Her daughter and her husband arrived about an hour orso after me. I stayed around while the decisions wherebeing made as to what kind of care would be needed for my Auntaccording to her wishes. The caseworker came and we met outsideAunts room. My cousin was urged to honor her mama’s wishes.So, they moved her to the rest home the next day where theywould be treating her as a Hospice Patient. They would remove allIV’s, etc., and allow her to pass without sticking her with anymoreneedles and they would start administering Morphine so she couldpass without pain.

I told her bye and that I may not get

to see her again here on this side but I would pray that I wouldsee her again. She told me that I would. As I walked awaytears rolled down my cheeks. As I reached the end of thehall I passed by three ladies, one of which was sobbing and I heardanother lady on the phone say that her friend’s mama had justdied. I turned around to the lady crying and said, “Was ityour loved one?” She said “Yes, it was my mama.” Iwas already in tears myself from walking out of my Aunt’s hospitalroom and all I could do was hold my arms out and this woman fell intomy arms and I sobbed with her. I told her how sorry Iwas. One of the ladies with her said, “Well, she has a lot offriends to give her support.” I asked her if she had a Churchfamily and she said no. I touched her on her shoulder andlooked her straight in the eyes and said, “I hope you will find aChurch home because you really need that in your life cause Jesusloves you more than you’ll ever know.” She said, “I will.”When I got to my car, I felt led to carry her one of my CDs. Imust be honest, I didn’t relish the thought of walking all theway back through that hospital, but I did. I told her that Iwanted to give her one of my original CDs and that there was a songon there about my mama dying that I thought may be of comfort toher, maybe not right now, but later on. She thanked me andasked my name. She said I looked so familiar to her. Itold her where I lived. Low and behold she lived in a littleplace not far from me. I told her that my contact info was onthe back of the CD and to feel free to call me anytime whether sheneeded someone to talk to or just for someone to listen. Shethanked me and said she would.

Ya know, I had no idea what was in

store for me on that Thursday after work but our Lordreally BLESSED me!!!! How precious was that??? Itruly believe this was definitely a situation of divineappointments.

Read 1 Samuel 17 (click here)

God may use one thing to open the door

to another — David had been sent by Jesse to bring food to thebattlefield for his brothers. Now David could have said, “no way,this is beneath me to be an errand boy.” But if David had neverbrought the food, he would have never met Goliath, which would beGod’s opportunity for advancement and increase.