Divine Encounter: The Taxi Driver

This is the second in a two-part mini series. The first in this series is, Divine Encounter: The S/x Shop Worker.

I was like the Big Bad Wolf in the story of the Three Little Pigs: I was huffing and puffing as I ran to that bus station to catch my bus!

I huffed, and I puffed. That wind was belting out of me, and for a moment, I slowed down, but it just caused me to heat up and go nowhere, so I picked up and kept on running. I had a couple of very large city blocks to run, so I ran, and ran and ran.

The time on my watch said something like 5:57 p.m. and it was a good 2-minute sprint to the bus stop, perhaps for Usain Bolt. I wasn’t Usain Bolt, and I had a backpack on, so multiply that by at least 2.5, so for me, it would take 5 minutes to make it to the bus stop, and I had to straddle lights and traffic. This seemed like it would be “no-win” situation. The bus usually left at 6:00 p.m. sharp.

But you never knew …

Perhaps the bus would be delayed and would be forced to leave late.

Perhaps God would transport me like He did Philip on “the road that descends from Jerusalem to Gaza” (see Acts 8:26) inasmuch as He (the Spirit of God) immediately transported Philip to Azotus (please read Acts 8:3-40). But if God did that, where would He transport me to — the bus station, so I could catch the bus, or home, where I was going to? (If you read the context of the passage carefully, from Acts 8:26-40, you will note that Philip was sent on a mission by God to proclaim the good news, and this is something we are all supposed to do. God would not, it seems, transport Philip “home” to go to bed, but rather to some destination where Philip could keep on preaching about Jesus Christ.) So would God “snatch me,” somehow, and “take me” to some place where He wanted me to be?

What would happen was, in fact, very interesting, inasmuch as it would appear God “moved mountains” on my behalf, to get me onto a bus that had already left. Why would heaven respond in such a strong way? There had to be a reason. As it turns out, it was not about the bus at all. It was about the ride that I would get to the bus. This is something that would have never happened had I actually made it to the bus station on time. Had I not talked to John, the s/x shop worker, and told him about Jesus Christ, like I was supposed to, then I would have missed not one divine appoint, but two!

I reached the bus station, and it was a “no-go,” one would think. The bus was “long gone.”

The man at the bus station had favor upon me, however, and the Bible says favor can come from the Lord. Was this the Lord’s favor? Time would tell what was happening. This man pulled the strings and made things happen. This man was like an angel to me. Who put him there? Who has all authority? Only Jesus has all authority.

Jesus put him there.

This man did what no man has ever done before. He said to me, “We have an arrangement with the taxi company. The bus you missed is going to the airport to pick some people up. I’m going to call a taxi for you and put you on it.”

The man got on his phone and said, “I have an urgent need.”


From the Divine perspective, apparently it was urgent. What was so urgent about it? I would find out.

If I see a Divine Hand at work, I will (try to) not resist it. I did not resist what was going on. I was just watching in amazement, as this favor was bestowed. For what reason does God bestow favor? So it can be abused? Unfortunately, human beings love to abuse God’s favor. Lord, help me not to abuse Your favor.

I really did have a Father looking after me. My own father had died many years before, but I had a greater Father who loved me, who sent Jesus Christ to die for me. He is the One whom I had told John about. Now John was the s/x shop worker that I had spoken with only 10 minutes before that time. Now I was at this bus station, and favor was resting upon me. Was there a connection between my willingness to speak with John and this favor? Possibly. I wouldn’t dare make a law out of it, but I can say that God blesses those who do His work so they can do even more work for Him. (But if they abuse His favor, all bets are off.)

Within about 30 seconds, a very jovial looking man was standing beside me. “Are you the one?” he said, “who needs a ride to the airport?”

I said, “Yes, I’m the one.”

I went with the man, and we hopped into his taxi, where we talked cars, family, and certainly not least, church.

I said, “Do you go to church?”

He said, “Yes.”

I said, “What type of church?”

He said, “Evangelical Baptist.”

I said, “Oh, good. Me, too!” Now, by “Me, too!” I did not mean, “Evangelical Baptist,” but that I was also a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, even as he was.

Then, he said to me, “You, too? You go to an evangelical Baptist church?”

“No,” I said. “I go to an evangelical church.”

We were on common ground. The fact is, it didn’t matter if it was Baptist or not, but it did matter that it was evangelical, for the word “evangelical” simply means, “believing and teaching the good news, that Jesus Christ came to die for our sins on the cross.” And that, in a nutshell, is what the word “evangelical” is all about. So when people say, “Oh, yuck! Not an evangelical church!” then I know that they do not know the Lord Jesus Christ, or His love, and that they do not have a genuine relationship with the Father, who sent Jesus to die for them, so that they might be saved. When they say this, and act in this way, I then know that they do not have the love of God in their hearts, and that they have been deceived into believing a lie, that somehow “evangelical churches” are bad, and not to be trusted, or even gone into. In this, I know that the devil has deceived them. But when a person boldly proclaims that they are associated with an evangelical church, and that they have no shame, and love the fact that they are affiliated with that church, then I know that more often than not, the love of God is in that person’s heart.

Thus, it was, that as soon as he said that he was with an evangelical Baptist church, that we began talking Christian things, and it became very fulfilling indeed.

Then, I told him, “I want to share with you my website.”

After sharing for some time, he said to me, “Are you a preacher?”

I said, “Well, I guess, sort of. I’ve written more than 700 articles.”

He said, “You know, I am a taxi driver, but ever since I was young I have wanted to be a preacher. But I need someone to help me. The churches have pastors already. I need someone who can help me. Somehow I want to share God’s word.”

I immediately thought of an idea because I have wanted to provide a forum for people to discuss the Lord through an internet radio broadcast, which would give people the chance to call in and discuss issues relating to God, faith, salvation, and their very lives, from a biblical perspective. I want to see that happen, and even on the previous day, I had been crying out to God, and believed that God was saying, “Yes, I’m giving you the green light.” Now, here I was in this taxi, as if by some type of “divine providence,” speaking with a man whom I had never met before. Now, the ball was, and is, in my court. So do pray for me.

I said, “I think our meeting today was not by accident. I believe the Lord is in it.”

The man said, “Yes, I agree.” I got the man’s number, and also gave him my number and website address (www.faithnet.ca). This man I will speak with again.

God, I believe, is on the move, seeking to use people for His glory. Do you want to be used for God’s glory? You can be. I want to try to create an internet radio broadcast, where people can call in, five days a week, and talk about issues relating to the things that matter to them. Do pray for me, will you?

Get on fire for God! The day is late! You are limited only be your boldness and your courage, and by your faith. The sky is the limit, with Jesus!

“Lord, more of your glory! In Jesus’s mighty name. Amen!”