Do Business

Picture the following scenario:

An influential politician contacts a financial institution requesting to borrow money. The man at the lending institution responds by saying, ‘Perhaps we could meet over lunch, say, tomorrow, at noon.’

At lunch the next day, the conversation goes something like this:

Mr. Banker: ‘How much would you like to borrow?’

Mr. Politician: ‘Our government is looking for a $100,000,000 loan, repayable in 5-10 years, with interest, of course.’

Mr. Banker: ‘We may be able to help you. Of course, you are prepared to pay our interest rate of 25%.’

Mr. Politician: ‘That’s awfully steep, but what choice do we have? You’re the only one around who will lend us that kind of money. We’ll accept the terms.’

Mr. Banker: ‘Then I think we can start talking business. There are a few things that we need to discuss in addition to this.’

Mr. Politician: ‘Like what?’

Mr. Banker: ‘Well, our financial institution has exacted a strict no abortion policy, and there are certain members of your government — including yourself, Mr. Politician — that have not been willing to institute laws condemning this practice.’

Mr. Politician: ‘Humm, since you’ve put it that way, we’ll, I could certainly bring it up before the legislative committee, when they convene.’

Mr. Banker: ‘Feel free to contact us at that time — after the law has been passed, that is!’

Mr. Politician: ‘What? You mean you would not lend us the money until such time as the law is actually passed?’

Mr. Banker: ‘That’s correct. Policies are policies, you know. We must respect them. They’re in everyone’s best interests. (chuckle).’

Mr. Politician: ‘Well, I’ll see what I can do about getting something done about your request. But, you know, there are the feminists … and the pagans … and the secular humanists … and the communists … and the rest of them … they will not approve of such a law!’

Mr. Banker: ‘I’ll be glad to speak to you when you decide to take some action on this.’

Mr. Politician: ‘That’s a tough stand to take. You’re making me change official government policy … it’s not fair!’

Mr. Banker: ‘Abortion is not fair — for the aborted child! What if **you** had been one of them? How would you feel?’

Mr. Politician: ‘You’ve got my attention. Keep going.’

In this vain, Mr. Politician and Mr. Banker talk for hours, and, eventually, Mr. Banker leads Mr. Politician into a saving relationship with Christ as Savior and Lord. Mr. Politician takes a genuine ‘turn for the better’ in terms of his desire to see the lives of unborn children protected, and is genuinely willing — from his heart this time — to see laws passed that protect such innocent lives.


Just imagine that such a conversation could take place.

Are we dreaming? No. This exact type of conversation is God’s will for you and me as we ‘do business’ on a regular basis with those that God has put us with. The more influence you have, the more power God has given you to make a significant — life-changing, life-saving — difference in this world that we live in. Don’t be deceived: God expects you to act this way, and to use every bit of leverage that you can possibly use, to see lives influenced, and changed, for his glory.