Dreams And Answered Prayer

My wife and I do not have any children (we married late), but we do have three dogs, all of whom we rescued from the pound. In some ways, our dogs are like our children and more than just pets. In 1992, we went to visit my dad and step-mom in Florida. We asked a young man of our acquaintance to whom I was giving guitar lesson to house sit for us while we were gone and to take care of our dogs.

We had been in Florida for four or five days when we received a telephone call from the young man who was house sitting for us. He had taken the dogs out to the country so they could have a good run. He and a friend took along a rifle to do some target shooting. Apparently, the noise of the gun scared the dogs and they ran away. He spent much of the afternoon calling and searching for them, but only one of the dogs returned. He contacted some nearby farmers and asked them to watch for the dogs and then returned to the city. When he called us, it had been two days since the dogs ran away and no one had found them.

We called the airlines and changed our reservations to get the next flight home which was at 7:00 o’clock the next morning. That night my wife and I slept very little. Our dogs were in real danger. There are coyotes in Texas that would make a quick meal of our dogs if they found them. Or if they started chasing a farmer’s livestock, they might get shot. Mostly I tossed and turned, praying and beseeching the Lord to watch over our dogs and help us find them. Finally about four a.m., I dozed off. I guess that I slept about an hour during which time I had the following dream. I was walking along a ridge, going North and turned East to go down into a valley. In the dream, there was some white stuff all over the ground. I came to a creek and had to make a choice to turn right or left. I turned right and walked down the creek a little way. I came to some bushes where I thought I saw something. Then I awoke and it was time to get ready to go to the airport.

On the way to the airport, I related the dream to my step-mother (who is not a believer). When we arrived in Dallas, we went home to get our car and meet the young man who had been staying at our house. We drove about 60 miles out from Dallas. We were going North on I-35 and came to a town called Valley View. We turned East and went down into a little valley. We got out of the car where the young man had left the dogs. There was white stuff on the ground. It turned out to be chalk rock (in the dream, I was not sure what it was, maybe snow). We walked around calling and searching for the dogs. I came to a creek and had a choice to turn right or left. In the dream, I had turned right, so I decided to go right. I walked down the creek a little way and came to some bushes. I called for the dogs, but I did not see them. I thought maybe they are back the other direction. As I turned to go back, here came the two dogs that were lost. They were hungry and thirsty, but otherwise unharmed. We all rejoiced in the goodness and protection of the Lord.

I have had the opportunity to tell this story to many people and it always ministers to them in a powerful way. Jesus knows about all of our cares. Cast all your cares on him, because he cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).