Eating Right, Living Well

You’ve just woken up, and you’re in terrible pain, perhaps due to a physical condition that you’ve known about for a long time. No one, however, has really been able to help you solve the “mystery” behind this physical problem which you have been experiencing. Maybe it is arthritis. Maybe it is cancer. Maybe it is some other ailment. There is help.

First, there is the physical realm. Have you been getting enough sleep? Have you been driving yourself too hard? Have you been getting to bed on time? What about your diet? Is there enough fresh (not cooked) green leafy vegetables present, as well as fresh fruit? Both of these are necessary in order to maintain good health. Fresh vegetables, furthermore, are recommended to be eaten as the last portion in a meal because they provide enzymes to help digest the food. Cooked vegetables cannot provide these, as enzymes are destroyed in the cooking process, and so the body must use its own enzymes when trying to digest meals containing no fresh vegetables, thus depleting the supply of enzymes which are stored in the body. This puts an unnecessary drain of resources on the body. Your body will suffer, and the situation could have been corrected by making sure you consumed a reasonable amount of fresh vegetables at the end of your meal. Did you know that celery is high is natural salts which can be properly assimilated by the body? You don’t need to put all that salt on your food, which can “whip the adrenal” glands, as one doctor has put it, thus creating a temporary “high” for the body — and the “low” comes later, when your body says, under the influence of all that salt, “Woah, I’m beat!”

Enzymes are not the only reason we need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruit and vegetables as well both provide the body with much needed roughage, so the body can properly eliminate its wastes. We were designed with a colon — that colon needs to be kept clean. Both my grandparents developed cancer of the colon at around the same time, when their diet was not correct. Both were relieved of this painful and unnecessary disease when their diets were corrected and the toxins in the bodies were allowed to be properly removed. Did you know that there is often a link between constipation and disease? How much water are you drinking? The recommended minimum is 8 glasses a day, which is also is essential for you to be able to properly eliminate your foods and keep your body functioning properly. How about meat? Too much meat is not good. In fact, if you read the first 8 chapters of the Bible, you will see that meat was not ever eaten. It was only after the great flood that God said to Noah and his family, “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you.” (Genesis 9:3). This doesn’t mean that we should eat meat all the time, though (as good as it tastes).

What about exercise? Are you getting enough of it? The older we get, usually the less exercise we tend to get, as well. These things ought not to be! You may be eating all the right foods, and drinking plenty of water, and even getting to bed on time. But if you are not receiving a proper amount of exercise, you will hinder your body’s ability to really be able to process all of that food that you’ve been eating. You would be amazed at how much better you will feel exercising regularly. Your body will reward you for it.

We have covered, then, the physical realm, and we have seen that it is important. Second, there is the spiritual/relational realm. Both of these things are inter-linked, and it would be unwise for us to separate them. When we think then, of “health,” we ought not to consider that “all is bundled up” in one particular area, but that we are composed of at least these two elements (physical and spiritual/which includes relational) elements which “make up the whole.” You might want to ask yourself the following questions: How am I doing in my diet? Exercise? Spiritually, in relationship with God and with others? Pay attention to these. Your body will reward you. You can’t play “dice” with how God has created you!