Feed Them In Jesus Name!

I met a man last week with whom I was able to share a little bit about the gospel. He is Chinese, from Vietnam (was kicked out in 1977 due to Chinese expulsion). There just seemed to be a natural and free “opening” to share with him. I said, “Has anyone ever shared with you about the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.” “Yes, a little bit,” he said. He has read some literature. But, he said, “We are Buddhist.” I then followed that up with explaining how Christ died for our sins. But I felt I needed to press a little more. “Do you have a Bible?” I asked. “No” he said. So I purposed to buy him one (in Chinese, of course).

At the Christian bookstore, not sensing the need for a “full fledged Chinese Bible” at this time, I instead decided to purchase a Gospel in Chinese for him. I thought, “Maybe if he really goes for this, I will buy him a whole Bible later on, or maybe he will buy himself one.” I wanted to be wise. I knew that I could not possible buy “the whole world” a Bible, but I could start with a small gospel.

The lady — very knowledgeable and godly — said to me, “Why don’t you give your friend one of these, instead? We have them in many languages.” She showed it to me. It is a 32-page full color booklet called “Ultimate Questions,” by John Blanchard, published by Evangelical Press. It presents the gospel from “A-Z” with 28 beautiful color photographs to accompany it (remember, Jesus used “picture talk” a lot. Pictures or photographs can speak “a thousand words”).

She said to me, “If you give him a Bible, he’ll get lost and won’t know where to start. He doesn’t know a thing about the Bible. He probably will not be able to put the pieces together in just one reading. If he has no familiarity at all with the Bible, he would need someone to carefully explain it to him. Why don’t you give him one of these, and it will bring him through the plan of salvation each step of the way? It is full of (embedded, italicized) Scripture, and all the verses are listed at the back of the booklet (more than 100 primary verses are quoted).”

I looked at the well layed-out booklet. Absolutely fantastic. Why had I not seen this before? The PERFECT witnessing tool — not just a throw-away tract, but a really nicely published booklet, that “lays it ALL OUT” from “A to Z.” What is it called again? “Ultimate Questions,” by John Blanchard, published by Evangelical Press. Get to know the booklet in English, and you can lead anyone else through it by “going through the book with a person” in another language. The book is published in many languages.

I highly recommend this tool and already have distributed about 5 or 6 of them, as the Lord has clearly led (some at restaurants). They are about $2.00 each, but, as I said to my wife, “I imagine because of their high quality, and if they are carefully placed, at least 1 in 2 will get read over completely.” I gave one to a travel agent the other day, and the other one, sitting beside him, said, “Do you have another one, please?” People are hungry for the word of God. (I aksed her if she could please share with the other person after he was done, because of their high cost. There is a place for wisdom in all of this!)

Here’s my plan. Purchase and distribute about 5 of these booklets a week (looks like I’m headed for the 10-a-week mark at this rate, actually). Total “earthly” cost, then, would be about 10 or 20 dollars a week for the sake of “personal evangelism”. However, the total “heavenly reward” would be “priceless”.

These are more than tracts. They are more than “the 4 spiritual laws” (as good as these are). These are most convenient in a situation where you need to explain to the person what life, God, and eternal things, are all about. You need a complete picture: you don’t want to gloss anything over, or miss out on any of the essentials. You don’t have time to explain it all to them. You want to MAKE SURE THAT THEY UNDERSTAND IT REALLY WELL. You want to “give them a fighting chance for real life” — just like you were given a chance, and prospered greatly by it. So, too, do you want to see the people that you give these beautiful booklets to prosper in the same way. Money is no object. You are going to heaven. Your reward lies there, not here (hear me?).

They are, in my opinion, the “absolute best” witnessing tool I have seen to date — in all my (nearly) 14 years being a Christian.

Time is short. I sense that we’re really “not doing all we can” as Christians by giving out 1 page tracts any more. The people need more. They are hungry. Are you going to feed them, or are you going to let them die in their sins?

“14 How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? 15 How will they preach unless they are sent? Just as it is written, «HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THOSE WHO BRING GOOD NEWS OF GOOD THINGS!»” (Romans 10:14-15)

You are that person! If you’ve got some cash — even 5 or 10 dollars a week — then I highly recommend that you purchase the “entire thing” (this booklet, which carefully, diagramatically, and beautifully, explains what it’s ALL about, in a careful, thoughtful, concise, manner, without leaving any room at all for “doubt” as to what exactly the Bible really teaches on eternal things. This is a sensitive booklet that will reach the people, as opposed to short pamphlets, that can sometimes be difficult to understand, or can easily be misinterpreted).

God bless you! I think you’ll be glad you made the purchase! I can say that I certainly am! (I’m hooked!)