Fifty-One Ways to Serve God

“Love never fails.” (1 Corinthians 13:8)

“… a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again ” (Proverbs 24:16)

You may have tried 50 ways to serve God (evangelism, feeding the poor, starting a church, doing good works, etc.) and all of these ways were good ways, yet, they didn’t quite fit your calling. Oh, I’m not saying that you should never do these things. What I’m saying is, perhaps you have tried to fully engage yourself in doing one or more of these things as a “full-time work.” In other words, you really put your heart into it, you put your “all” into it — and it failed (at least, in your eyes). However, from God’s standpoint, you may have not failed at all. In fact, the saying might very well be true (and likely is, in this case), “You did your best.”

You know, there are many ways to serve God. We are not all evangelists. We are not all pastors. We are not all teachers. We are not all givers of great sums of money, though we try to give some! Before chloroform was discovered as a anesthetic, many types of products were tested. Finally, however, chloroform was discovered to “do the job” that the seekers were looking for. It took them a long time to discover that it would work. So, too, before Thomas Alva Edison was able to invent the light bulb, did he sacrifice many long hours, and resigned himself to temporarily failing in his efforts on many occasions … until that one occasion when he “struck it rich,” in a manner of speaking.

We are all called to do something. You may have tried your very best at doing whatever it was you thought you were called to. And you failed. But all is not over. Thomas Alva Edison tried his best, too, on many occasions. Like Edison, may we be encouraged to “keep trying” until it all works out. You are not the less for having tried and failed! On the contrary. Because you tried, and even though you appear to have “failed,” you are commended for trying. You will have many failures in this life — that is true. It is not the person who fails in this life that is a failure in God’s kingdom. It is the person who never tried to begin with. You have heard the saying, “It is better to have loved, and have failed, than to have never loved at all.” Here is something to add to that, and it comes from God’s word, “Love never fails!” (1 Corinthians 13:8). So if you put your heart into it, though some part of you, or some people, dismissed you as having failed, you didn’t fail at all! You were a great success! God says it!

Do your best, and serve God with a joyful heart, in whatever you do. There are many ways to serve God. You have only but begun.