Fine Feathered Friends and Dinosaurs

From magazines to newspapers … from museums to textbooks … the concept that dinosaurs turned into birds is presented as a fact. Yet this concept, like all of the other supposed “facts” of evolution, is wrought with problems which are seldom exposed. Whenever dinosaurs with a bone structure remotely similar to birds are found, the link between dinosaurs and birds is assumed to exist. Bird fossils such as Archaeopteryx (right) are presented as proof of evolution because the bones have some characteristics reminiscent of reptiles. Yet this whole idea of dinosaurs turning into birds is based more on faith than scientific fact. Here are a few observations which are seldom reported:

1. Birds have a totally different respiratory system to that of reptiles. For a reptilian respiratory system to change into an avian respiratory system would be analogous to a steam engine changing into an electric motor by randomly removing or modifying one component at a time, without disrupting the motor operation. It is simply an impossibility.

2. The hollow bones, muscle design, keen eyesight, neurological signals, instincts, feathers, and a hundred other unique bird features are completely different from reptiles. In particular a bird’s lungs and feathers indicate brilliant design. Either would be totally useless to perform their designed function unless complete. A step by step transformation from scale to feather makes a nice story but “the devil is in the details”. And the details simply do not add up to a workable intermediate creature. The building blocks of scales and feathers aren’t even the same – they are made from different types of protein!

3. Many recent dinosaur to bird “links” are “dated” between 120 – 140 million years. Yet archaeopteryx (which exhibits all the characteristics of a fully formed bird) is “dated” at 150 million years. Alan Feduccia, a world authority on birds (and evolutionist) states, “Paleontologists have tried to turn Archaeopteryx into an earth-bound, feathered dinosaur. But it’s not. It is a bird, a perching bird. And no amount of ‘paleobabble’ is going to change that.”1

University of Kansas paleontologist Larry Martin sums up the presentation of this dinosaur to bird fossils best: “You have to put this into perspective. To the people who wrote this paper, (linking dinosaurs to birds) the chicken would be a feathered dinosaur.”2

Those who reject the possibility of the sudden appearance of birds have no other alternative than to accept the inadequate evidence for evolution. However, the actual evidence for evolution does not support that this ever happened. Evolution is the only alternative allowed because the other alternative (creation by God) has been arbitrarily eliminated.

Rather than blindly accepting the latest evolutionary find, dig into the details and determine if real science proves that reptiles could have turned into birds or lifeless chemicals could have ever “come alive”. An honest scientist will follow the data wherever it leads—even if it leads to an encounter with a personal creator.

1. Science, 259(5096): pg. 764
2. CNN website, June 24, 1998.