Flee the Nag!

Do you like failure? Do you like feeling like a failure? Do you like feeling under pressure, even condemnation? Well, if not, this article is for you. But you’re going to have to work, in order to get free. In fact, you may even have to make a sacrifice.

First, before we talk about the solution, I’d like to introduce you to a man who was a great success and by no means a “failure” In God’s eyes. His name is the apostle Peter, who, it has been reported, was crucified upside down, because he did not consider himself to be worthy to die the same death as his Savior. This man was a great success in God’s eyes.

Now I could talk a lot about the apostles, but the point is that in order to “flee condemnation” and be considered worthy to even attain the measure of peace that you desire in your life, it is possible, yes, I would say even likely that you will have to be willing to lay aside your own glory, inasmuch as all those who have gone before, such as Peter, or Paul, or James, or John, or Isaiah, or Elijah, or any number of servants of the Lord, were willing to “lay it all down” for their Lord in whom they trusted. Now not all died a martyr’s death. I am not talking about martyrdom, here. I am talking about being willing to do the right thing.

Elijah had it easy, right? It’s possible you may think that way, because, after all, he got the “royal treatment” when it came to “going home” to being with the Lord! Elijah picked up a heavenly ride bound for the great city! You can read about that in 2 Kings 2:1-11 where it describes the chariot of fire that came along and swept up Elijah. Wow! What a ride that must have been! And even though he went “up, up, and away”, he did not need (to my knowledge) an oxygen mask!

But Elijah really didn’t have it that easy, you know. And the “thing” that I have been saying you need to have in order to be free from those nagging feelings of failure, and condemnation, well, it’s the same thing that Elijah demonstrated in abundance. That “thing” is called courage. You see, if this life was meant to be bed of roses, it certainly did include the thorny parts! And people, by nature, are sometimes very “thorny” people to deal with.

I’m talking about the courage needed to be able to deal with “thorny” people. Yes, that’s where those feelings of failure can sometimes come from! God may have put you in the path of some “thorny” people, and you may not have known how to deal with them, and so the end result was that you felt like a failure – possibly because God is still asking you to do something about it!

Elijah had to deal with plenty of them in his day. And Elijah had a choice. Either suffer from those nagging feelings of failure and condemnation, or STAND UP AND BE A MAN OF GOD! Well, if anything, this is what this generation desperately needs and is looking for. It’s YOU, my friend! YOU must be that man or woman of God that the world is longing to see on display. Who even knows what such a person really looks like? I mean, does it really look like all of the television evangelists that you see on TV?

For sure, that is PART of the story – those television evangelists that are pure and holy, that is. But that is by far not the whole story. The world needs to see COURAGE in this day and age. It is the COURAGE needed to lovingly share the gospel. Yes, it is THIS courage that is needed. For, as it says in the Scriptures, “How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard?” (Romans 10:14) And this responsibility lies on you and me, to do that.

Please, for heaven’s sakes, will you muster the courage, or pray for it, and seek it, with your whole heart, so that others might hear this life saving message? Otherwise, I’m afraid to say but something, or, rather, some-One is going to be “nagging” you day in, day out, about your need to do so. The One who is doing that is the Lord. Sometimes, those nagging feelings can turn into feelings of failure, pressure, and even condemnation, if left unchecked for too long! I know. I’ve been there. Free yourself, and DO THE RIGHT THING!