Freedom From Rejection

Canadian Convention, 1993

I would like to share with you something about what happened once when I was at a Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International convention, which was held in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada in November of 1993. This event was held every year at a designated place in Canada. This year, it was being held in Quebec City. It was the Canadian Convention. To many, a convention like this was considered to be a “big deal.” Because of this, I didn’t want my family to miss out on it, so my wife and I, with our little boy (Daniel Jr.) of about 2 months at that time, drove down from Ottawa.

Richard Borgman

On the final night of the convention, a man named Richard Borgman was the designated convention speaker. The date was Saturday, November 13, 1993 — two days before I would actually start my new job at Northern Telecom, in Ottawa, Canada, as a research and development engineer. Richard gave a very stirring message that evening. Towards the end of it, he called people to come to the front — whoever wanted to receive a touch (tangible blessing of some sort) from God. I wanted a touch from God. Yes, I needed a touch from God, to help me get alive again in the faith. So, with a sense of excitement and encouragement — because Richard had just preached an excellent message (which made me convinced) — I went to the front … along with about, at least, 100 others (there were maybe 600 or 700 people there in all).

Faith To Believe And Receive

As the main speaker, Mr. Borgman was acting as a type of “God’s representative” that night. When he spoke, it was God’s word to us (of course, he is not infallible). I myself had a lot of faith to believe that God would do something good through him that night. I suppose it was because I was so impressed with the quality of his message. Yes, that was one good reason. He had done an excellent job. Mr. Borgman stood in front of us and just prayed for us (he didn’t lay hands on us, as is sometimes done at these meetings). Because of my faith, I was able to receive into my heart the things that he was saying, and praying for us. In other words, it was truly easy for me to believe that I was going to be blessed. Soon, I went back to my seat. That’s because Richard said we should. He had prayed. I was excited, because I could sense that, as a result of this man’s prayer for us, that God was doing something in me, and that He wasn’t finished with me yet for the day — even though it was now late (about 10 p.m.). In fact, it would prove to be just the beginning for me that night.

French Canadian Couple

While sitting at my seat, I could readily sense that God was doing a work in me. Soon, a French Canadian couple began to migrate over my way … yes, they were headed right for me! Who were they? It turns out that the man was a leader of a chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, located in Granby, Quebec (I don’t remember their names, but I could surely recognize them if I saw them). These were truly sensitive people, unlike many people in that they were truly able to hear God’s voice. They were closing in on me. God, evidently, was leading them! It was the wife with whom I first had contact. Her husband was trailing somewhat behind her by, say, a few feet. She came over to me and — noticing that I was being moved in my heart with sense of compassion at how God loved me — she said to me, in a very amazing and totally unexpected way, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” That really moved me. Something inside me went “wow” when she said that.

No, it wasn’t the fact that she loved me. Of course, she was speaking on God’s behalf. In this kingdom in which we are called to be a part of, Christians are called to be “ambassadors for Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:20). She was — that is, it was as though she was — speaking the very words of God Himself to me. I believe that these words, God put in her mouth (and I think you’ll especially see what I mean if you keep reading, when you read about the dramatic, highly detailed, prophetic vision that God gave me shortly after this experience).

Amazing Words

Did she know what type of impact here words would have on me? I don’t think she even took the time to think about what she was saying. I believe she was moved by the Holy Spirit to say what she did — it was that spontaneous. Deep inside of me, God was breaking my heart from all the wounds and blows it had received, when — years earlier — I had been terribly wounded by a woman who just seemed to abuse me to no end. Upon hearing this other woman say to me, “I love you”, three times in a row like that, as she did, I suddenly began to cry and I cry. God was now releasing me from deep burdens and agony which I had been carrying in my soul for many years! It was wonderful! It would have never happened it I had not taken that step of faith and gone down to that Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Canadian Convention. Those burdens had stayed with me for a long time, even though I was now happily married to a beautiful woman named Mary, and had one child, a boy named Daniel Fraser Jr. Later, we would have another child, a girl named Elizabeth Katherine. I had so many hurts inside of me, though, because of previous relationship difficulties, and I needed healing.

Shackles Of Rejection Broken

It was now November 13, 1993, and we had been married for just over a year. God knew that I still needed healing from those wounds which I had suffered from years earlier. I’m sure that, for one, this is why He “opened the doors” for us to be able to attend that Full Gospel Business Men’s Convention in Quebec City that year (1993). And, I’m also sure that that is why He brought that lady over to me that night of the convention, who said to me, “I love you” three times. You know, Jesus Christ said “I love you” to Simon Peter three times, too, when he needed restoring from his fall. In a way, I had “fallen” and needed to be picked up. The way I had fallen was that I had carried bitterness in my heart for so many years. God knew about that bitterness. He brought that lady along to say “I love you” at the right time and in the right way. The setting was perfect. It all happened within a proper “healing” frameword of Biblical preaching and love. Jesus Christ was speaking to me through that godly lady. I am absolutely certain.

Truly, I felt the love of Jesus Christ in me that evening as a result of what she said. I don’t know if she knew how desperately I needed to hear those words. And yet, God knew, and I’m sure he led her to say them. Even as she was saying them, I began to cry and cry and cry. God was indeed setting me free to be the person He had always intended me to be. Now, I was really free to love my wife like never before. That would have great effects upon our relationship (what a blessing indeed). If you feel like you need some shackles broken, my advice is, don’t hesitate to get involved with some group that preaches dynamic messages and lays hands on the sick and prays for them. There’s a good chance that you’ll truly come back from one of those meetings, one day, a radically changed person, from the inside! That will happen when, in God’s perfect timing, he says, “Yes, I’m going to open up the floodgates for this my child. I will speak to him/her in a very intimate way. They will never be the same!” That is what happened to me. I have NEVER been the same since.

You, Too, Can Be Free

Jesus Christ died for you, not only to take away your sins, but to lead you into a wonderful relationship with God, as Father. One thing I have learned as a Christian, is that God loves me. He loves you, too, and He wants to see you made whole and complete, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually (don’t you doubt it!). He is good. And that’s what fathers — the good ones, that is — are all about. They like to give “good gifts” to their children. God is the best of fathers. He is “God the Father,” and that isn’t just a saying. He is truly a father in the greatest sense of the word. He wants to set you free from your prison of pain and infirmity. That may take years as you learn to truly depend on him and surrender all your burdens to him. But it will happen if you give him a chance (he won’t disappoint you, but you’ve got to be willing to do your part, and that is the toughest part). He wants to draw you closer. One way that He has done this with me is by getting involved with good Christian organizations that believe in healing (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, etc.).

I would like to suggest that you do the same. Get involved. Begin today. Look up a good Christian church or “para-church organization” in the phone book, and don’t be afraid to ask, “Do you believe in healing? I want to see God do a miracle!” If you get the distinct feeling that they are thinking, “Are you one of those freaky people who believes that God still does miracles today?” then you’ve probably called the wrong place! Try another! But keep trying and don’t give up. There are lot’s of good churches around that, yes, still believe in God’s power to even raise the dead! And he is doing it, but only to those who believe (the Bible says that Jesus could not do many miracles in certain places because of unbelief). By the way, have you seen any angels lately? You don’t want to get involved in a church that laughs this type of question off, or that has no expectation of ever seeing them (get the point?).

One Word Of Caution

In the Bible, it says that, “And He did not do many miracles there because of their unbelief” (Matthew 13:58). This should be a word of caution for us in the sense that when we look for a place of healing, those whom we permit to “minister” to us ought to themselves really believe in God’s power to heal. Unfortunately, and sadly to say, there are many people and pastors today who simply do not believe in God’s power to really heal and restore a person supernaturally, except, of course, by the use of conventional doctors. Jesus Christ Himself is the “Great Physician.” Should we not trust Him first with our problems? In the western society, the church has lacked power primarily because of unbelief. Believe it or not, we have turned to secular sources when we didn’t need to. God wants us to look to Him, first. Perhaps, yes, He may even lead us to “doctors” in the secular world. That may be okay. But it is not okay if we have by-passed the Holy Spirit.

Read the story of King Asa: “Asa became diseased in his feet. His disease was severe, yet even in his disease he did not seek the LORD, but the physicians (doctors).” (2 Chronicles 16:12). I don’t think God has anything against doctors. But I do think that God has something against those who refuse to really trust Him for their healing. We are too quick, sometimes, to “rush off” to the doctors, preferring rather to hold a grudge against our Christian brothers who may, in fact, have the answer to healing right in their midst. We have been guilty. But now, it is the time of God’s favor. Now, God is saying, to all of us, “repent” (change your ways). Only then, will we find the answers that we are looking for. Only then, will we find true healing, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually — yes, for our physical bodies, and for the body of Christ as a whole.